Asphalt 7: Heat v1.1.1 APK With Data For Android Free Download


Asphalt 7 v1.0.5 apk

Free download latest version (1.0.6) of Asphalt 7, the best visually stunning racing game available for android till now! Gameloft released latest version of Asphalt 7 into Google play with lot of new features such as:

  • 2 new cars: Lamborghini and SSC Tuatara!
  • Added a lottery to win Koenigsegg Agera R (mid-engined sports car made by Scanian car manufacturer)
  • Added Nitro and limited-time cups
  • 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races

Asphalt 7 v1.0.5 screenshot
    In asphalt 7 v1.05 we can drive more than 60 different cars on 15 real tracks. Also we can challenge up to 5 friends in multiplayer mode using BluetoothWiFi or online. The best part of this game is none other than it’s awesome graphics, the developers designed every track more beautiful than ever. Watch a gameplay of Asphlat 7 on nexus 7 tablet:

    Download Asphalt 7 APK With Data

    Asphalt 7 v1.1.0 (August 21, 2013- Latest Version):

    Asphalt 7 v1.1.1 apk+ Patch (72 MB- Zippyshare)
    Asphalt 7 v1.1.1 SD Data Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (670 MB)

    Important: If you downloaded Asphalt 7 v1.0.6 from here before, no need to download sd data (Obb) file again. You can use v1.0.6 data files with Asphalt 7 v1.1.0 apk.
    What’s New In Asphalt 7 v1.1.1:
    10 New Cars added, Melt the street with these new models!
    • Ferrari F12berlinetta
    • McLaren F1 XP5
    • Ferrari 575M Maranello
    • Lotus Exige S
    • Shelby Cobra
    • Peugeot RCZ R
    • Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe
    • Lotus Evora
    • Google Game Services now available!
    Installation Instructions For v1.1.1:
    1. Extract downloaded rar files using ZArchiver Donate 0.6.5 apk or from your pc
    2. Install Asphalt 7 APK 
    3. Copy ‘’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/Obb/’
    4. Copy ‘’ file to ‘sdcard/Android/Obb/’ folder
    5. Launch the game (Run online@ 1st run)

      Asphalt 7 Unlimited Money Android Cheat

      • To get unlimited money / Cars Unlocked / Unlimited Coin download this file and put the file “profile_0″ in sdcard/android/obb/

      If above file didn’t worked for you you try the file submitted by ‘AARON RENOÌR’, download ‘profile-0′ from here.
      • Get Unlimited Money Using Titanium Backup Save File:
      1. Download Asphalt 7 Unlimted Money/ Cars Unlocked save file
      2. Unzip the file and copy it to Titanium Backup Folder (SD Card/TitaniumBackup)
      3. Using Titanium Backup, restore data only
      4. Enjoy playing with 999999999 money :)

      • Unlimited Money/ Stars Using Modded apk (No root Needed)
      1. Extract downloaded rar files using ZArchiver Donate 0.6.5 apk or from your pc
      2. Install Asphalt 7 v1.0.6 Unlimited Money/ Stars Mod apk
      3. No need to download new obb data, Working with Asphalt 7 v1.0.6 obb data
      4. Just launch game
      After playing this game download Asphalt 8: Airborne apk & data (Latest Release In Asphalt Series)

      Working Confirmed Devices: Samsung galaxy s2, Samsung galaxy S3 , Samsung galaxy Note, Sony Xperia TX, micromax canvas 2, HTC Desire HD, Desire X (4.0), Galaxy Tab 2.7.0, Asus-Nexus 7, HTC One X,Nexus S (2.3), Xperia Play, Arc S (2.3.4 4 ICS), NOTE 2 etc. (Please note that list shows only tested and found 100% working. This game should be work in other device that not listed here. So please comment here below with your device model to expand this list ) 



      1. Do I still have to download Asphalt 7 Heat 1.0.5 Patch OBB Download Link

        When i already download the torrent? Answer me A SOON AS POSSIBLE

      2. Please please upload others links for obb patch file. Because the zippy shows txt format when I download the file.

      3. I followed all the steps, but when I run the game it says “Check License”. What should I do? Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus(gt-p6200).

      4. I followed the steps again. Now when I run the game it says “Loading…” on the left-hand side of the screen and then it just closes. No matter what I do it keeps closing.

        I have installed games like Gangstar Rio and Wild Blood and they work perfectly fine. I have noticed that those games come with cache files which I have to place into sdCard/ Android/ data. But games like Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 4 are .obb files which I need to place in sdCard/ Android/ obb. – I can’t get these games to run properly?

        So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to extract the .obb files into data files? Why does games with data files work for me and games with .obb files not work for me?

        HELP PLEASE…

        • You have to have all of the previous obb patches as well.So in the sd/android/obb/ folder should be the original main.101 obb, then the patch.103, patch.1040, and patch.1041. Now put the patch.1051 obb (you already downloaded!) in that same folder. Install APK over previous version (or new install) and run. The important thing is to have all of the previous obb patches..

      5. Hello,
        When I open the game, it just shows a blank screen (after showing “” written which almost instantly flashes by). It will not work, no matter what I do. Im sure I followed instructions PERFECTLY. I used the “proper apk” link with sd data in “part 1-5″ to download. I am using a Kindle Fire (first-gen).
        Please Help.

        • Due to your device low ram memory (512 MB) you can’t play this game without using Chainfire 3D Pro (need root). So download and Install chainfire 3D Pro (need root) & go to “default open gl settings” and tick- “reduce texture quality” and also tick- “reduce texture size”, then go to use plugins (right under “reduce texture size) and select “POWERVR”. minimize chain fire 3D by pressing home button and start playing the game!!

      6. I Have Downloaded proper apk nd obb nd all three patchs then installed nd placed all file as u suggested but still it stop on loading then close im using galaxy s 3 plllll help

      7. i tried from other bloggs to townload this game but all came worthless and tried from this site and the game runnin fluently , thnQ uploader for the game :)

      8. I donwnlod obb folder,then i instaled zsphalt apk,open it,i have a message tell me that dowloading is really,after few second, the mesage appear again!! Please help me, i have a samsung S4

      9. I resolved this problem by cpying folder to externe sd,but whene i launching game,it checkin licence and after closing,and the patch it is not extract!i have problem with.think you

        • I strongly believe that you don’t need any new apk and data to make this game work on your s4. Also I feel very guilty if you re- download this game and waste your valuable 1 GB data. So kindly try below steps before download this game from anywhere else.
          1. Go to your Setting-> Account and sync and then make a Google account (if u have a Google account, you can’t register with it You should crate a new account)
          2. Change your date to 2010, restart your device after that disconnect wifi or any network now launch the game
          3. If still game crashes, then again copy only .obb file to the folder
          (If you still have patch rar file extraction problem, try to download it from mirror links)

      10. Sir, i just want to clarify things. I downloaded “profile 0″. However i cant find com.gameloft……folder in android-data location. I played the said game, but still, no folder exist of such name. Please help. Thank you in advance.

        • You can’t play asphalt without “” folder. So this folder exist in your phone memory or external sd card. Just find it and put “profile 0″ into “”-> files. You can find this folder using Root Explorer File Manager, because it have inbuilt search option available.

      11. Thank you for all your help. I have the same concern, I could not use the unlimited money, the game works but the unlimited money in the Profile, does not appear in the profile section of the game even when i tried the directions mentioned.

        Thank you again.

      12. i extract the patch1041 and i have a folder countining: files : [m.b version.txt eventParameters.xml] with a folder (data ) countining folders : (Car,DeviceConfig,Effects,MaterialSettings,Object…) and fews files like : file01.bin , files02cl.bin , file03cl.bin , file03g.bin , file02dc.bin , file02ca.bin , file05a.bin …etc , is this right ? and where i must copie ? thnks SEBIN THOMAS …

        • Extract Patch to ‘sdcard/Android/Obb/’ folder (In other words the main OBB file and the PATCH OBB FILE should be in the same folder)

      13. I follow all step one after other.but i have just a cercle loading and a black screen.after this leaves.i don’t know why?and if you can.write me a notice of wjat i must have as folder?give me a tree of parent folder and contents to verify with mine.thanks

      14. hii this works fine on micromax canvas hd but it is lags.this had not happened when i had downloaded the first version of this game.what can i do to make it run smoothly

      15. hii sebin thomas i had downloaded the torrent file it did not have apk so i downloaded from here then when i opened this folder data file and i saw that there was already a this file so i did not download the patch file u gave here and the game worked but lagged so did i do it correctly ?

      16. Hi sebin I had downloaded you previous version of data Asphalt 7 v1.0.0 i have to install the new data for v1.0.5 . So I just tried to see if it works I had renamed the folder to ‘ downloaded the patch file of obb and put it in SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB/
        I had also installed your TAB asphalt.apk which you had posted as I have a samsung galaxy tab 2.7.I had followed all your instructions but when the game is loading its coming checking license then the screen is going black and after a few seconds its coming to my apps list
        so please help me out on this
        Do I need to install the new data or new apk or what
        please help me out

      17. hii sebin thomas to install the unlimited money hack u said to put the profile 0 in sdcard/android/data/
        but there is no so what should i do

      18. hii i finished over 3-5 cups but still there is no folder called “”. there is a folder named like this but it is in obb folder and in it there is no folder called “files”

      19. hii i dont know about this device and could not find out in the web also.this phone micromax canvas hd a116 is it armv7 device pls tell me

      20. i have samsung galaxy grand i download,extract the obb and patch and put it in sdcard/android/obb.but when i open asphalt 7 it put apk mania in a blink and loading,blink,loading,blink,loading and then crush please help me as soon as possible

      21. i dont have”” folder in my sdcard/android/data lol, now wat should i do to that downloaded file for unlimited money and coins SEBIN bro??

      22. HELLO SEBIN





        • 1. If you don’t have Obb folder in your Android folder, Just create one. You should try placing data folder in your internal memory and sd card android/obb folder. I can’t predict which one should work :(
          2. In Obb, because above are game cache files. So you should place it in android/obb (not in android/data/obb. ie in your android folder there should two folders- Data and Obb )
          3. Install apk and do not open, place data files and play

      23. HEY…Im using Galaxy S4…

        Now, I have the apk and obb file…

        But when i copy the obb file into /Android/obb, It said “Device is disconnected”…

        So what should I do………?????????????

        • First install apk and don’t open it. Place data files into Android/obb. Now Open the game. Also I can’t fully understand your question :(. Did you get this error after launching game?

      24. Hi Sebin,

        I would like to install v1.0.6 on My Phone(LG Optimus L9). As I am new to Android, I have no idea about cache and all yet, but I will probably install it correctly.

        But, could you please tell me which files should I download from here and install?
        Should I download the previous version(1.0.5) and then installl patch, just like pc games, or I should directly Download 1.0.6 APK and SD data from this page and Install?

        Hoping for sooner reply.

        Thanks for all your tutorials…

        Best Regards

        • Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our site And Leaving Positive Views. Download Asphalt 7 v1.0.6 apk (26.63 MB) & Data (670 MB. No need to download patch for this release. Also the data files (cache) compressed and splitted into parts. So you need to download all 4 parts and put it into a folder in your PC. After that install winrar on you pc. Now right click on any rar file and click on “extract here”. You will get a single data file folder. Put this folder into your phones sd card (‘sdcard/Android/Obb/’). Now Install apk and play!

      25. What the heck man! I downloaded all the four parts of this game(v.1.0.6)… But all the parts
        consists of the same obb file which is 1.05GB. All together became 4GB. So which obb file should i copy to sdcard/android/obb? Please help!

        • Probably you placed data file in wrong path. So try placing in this paths- sdcard/android/obb/(here) or sdcard0/android/obb/ or sdext/android/obb. If still you get the error, please give little more information’s about your error.

      26. Thanks a lot Dear…….
        I installed v1.0.6 and it is working good on my galaxy s2……
        but i am facing a little problem… while playing the game, the car is steered to left……
        can it be fixed??? plzz tell me……..

      27. Ok i have installed sensor tester but what to do with this app????
        How to do accelerometer calibration using this app?????
        Plz tell me…. i dont understand how to use this app……..

      28. hi,sebin.i’m kinda confused,do i have to download all the obb patches? and do i have to install chainfire 3D? my phone is SE xperia Neo V(Rooted)

        • Torrent link working fine. Maybe you forgot to untick ‘Use our download manager and get recommended downloads’ in Datafilehost. Anyway apk and data in torrent is 1.0.5, now 1.0.6 released. So I recommend you to download new version.

      29. Serbin, is the obb folder write protected or something on the s4 (4.2.2)? Your tricks works for me in my old s2 but not s4. Unable to write into that folder :-(

      30. Found da solution for s4 users wich are having problems with moving files to the obb folder. Use astro file manager! Got Gta vice city and gtaIII finally working on s4 with android 4.2.2

      31. Hi,i have xperia L,when i install game with obb file in my internal memory works but when i install game with obb fine on my sd memory card it doesnt work. Can you help?

      32. Okay bro, as you know i got Xperia S. After installing the Asphalt 7 v1.0.7 and copying the data to obb folder I ran the game but a message came that mentioned to update and after I chose not to update the game closed and another window came. I need to also know how to find the patch file. Sorry bro I probably little bit slow in installing this kind of game but I really need to play the game. I’m sure that you won’t break my heart and help me. Sorry to say I’ve downloaded the game and data twice. I’ll be glad if you help me ASAP. Thanks.

      33. My profle_0
        Career 100%

        - $963,759,995 money
        - 444 stars
        - All cars unlocked
        - All cars upgraded
        - All cars purchased (except the locked special cars)
        - level 86
        - Special event car unlocked
        SSC Tuatara
        Mazda Furai
        Plymouth Prowler
        Nissan Juke R
        Nissan Juke Nismo
        I’ll add more when it’s available :)


      34. I just want to know before I download the file I have to download all the data files if I download it using torrent will All the files become into one file or should I have to attach all the files please reply

      35. sebin let me tell you one thing…..
        yesterday whole day i was trying to install asphalt 7..
        i install it but it has crashed…then i read one of your comment ” Need chainfire 3d ”
        i installed it and opne it but it said you need to root your phone…..
        then i rooted my phone step by step and then i opne chainfire 3d
        i click on install…… has took fed minute and my phone reoobed……
        and thats it…….its not starting….my phone stuck ;-( ;-( ;-(

        • Why don’t you comment before rooting your phone? Root & Chainfire 3D only requires if your device not have enough specs. Also chainfire 3D doesn’t support all phone models and ROMS. First let me know your device model, don’t worry too much. You can fix this by re flashing your current ROM, It takes only 30 minutes! So contact me on our Facebook page for more assistance. (p)

      36. Hi!! This is the first time I’m downloading from this site. So can you tell me where to extract the data files?

        • You need to download Asphalt 7 v1.1.1 apk+ Patch (72 MB- Zippyshare) & Asphalt 7 v1.1.1 SD Data Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (670 MB). After that follow installation instructions :p

      37. did the same instruction but the problem is while opening the apk , there’s a circular sign loading like symbol and saying frequently(looks like looping infinitely).
        what should i do now?

      38. Work for me (s5-f) :D i really want you for version 1.1.1 mod for non-rooted plz. Keep Going Sebin, can i get PVZ 2 latest version mod ( I downloaded pvz 2 mod 1.7 (another web) and download resources failed. Help me

      39. Good day Sebin, I cant seem to get mine running.
        First I get an error message saying “Unfortunately, Asphalt 7 has stopped” then screen is just black and nothing else.
        Im currently using xperia c
        Thanks mate.

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