Asphalt 7 HD Heat Apk+SD Data Files For Android


Download Asphalt 7: Heat HD apk+ sd data for android. The amazing racing game for android. Download it for free from here.
  • Drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.
  • Gear up to race on 15 tracks set in real cities around the world, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.
  • The completely revamped multiplayer lets you take on up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Keep track of who’s the best with the new Asphalt Tracker that lets you compare stats, show off achievements and challenge rivals.
  • You can also find new online opponents with the matchmaking system. Practice haHit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.
  • Play however you please with 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races.CUTTING EDGE GRAPHICS
  • Every car and track is more beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits of your device and the Retina display. Acclaimed by both media and players, the Asphalt license has already attracted several million players worldwide… Come and join the ride!

Asphalt 7 HD Heat Video Review:

Asphalt 7 HD Heat apk+SD data files Download:

This Version is outdated, Please download latest version: Asphalt 7 Heat 1.1.1 apk with data


Asphalt 7 HD Heat apk Download Links :

Asphalt 7 HD Heat  HVGA apk  1 (9.01 MB – zipyshare)

Asphalt 7 HD Heat SD Data :

Instruction For Torrent Download :

  1.  Change the file extension from apk to zip
  2.  Extract the zip
  3. Copy “” to “sdcard/android/data”
  4.  Install the Asphalt 7 apk
  5.  Enjoy the game!!
Tip: You can increase your android gaming efficiency by using SD BoosterMemory BoosterSet CPU for root users & System Tuner Pro.


Asphalt 7 HD Heat SD Data Files  FWVGA Download Link

Titanium Backup File For Rooted Users

Asphalt 7 HD Heat SD Data For Adreno and Mali  GPu Devices

Adreno GPU  Devices SD Data  [1011 MB]

Mali GPU Devices SD Data [872.4 MB]

Asphalt 7 Heat (beta) Gamefix

It may Fix to the white streets problem
Solution for white roads! You need to replace DeviceConfig.xml in put in folder
  • Download DeviceConfig.xml from Here

Asphalt 7 Heat HD Installation Instructions (for non-torrent Downloads):

  1. Install APK accordrding to your screen resolution
  2. download GLzip for extracting .amz data files
  3. extract DATA FILES and place ” sdcard/android/data/ “
  4. verify files using Wifi
  5. and take all the HEAT in your Brain!!
For rooted phones :
  1. download and install apk
  2. download and extract data to ” sdcard/android/data/ “
  3. download TITANIUM BACKUP FILE and extract it to SD card/titanium backup/
  4. then restore app + data
  5. and pla



  1. @ Tiong Wei Ern : you need to download apk+sd files according to your phone display resolution. if u are using Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III download apk for all(2nd link) & sd files for fwvga.

  2. whenever I launch the game, on the initial screen it get stuck by saying, “An error occurred and download could not be completed” .. What to do ?

  3. I have a non-rooted Galaxy S2 i9100. I downloaded SD data from this link :

    After installing the apk, I copied the files to sdcard/android/data/

    After doing the steps above, but when I start the game, on the initial screen it gets stucked, saying that “An error occured and download couldn’t be completed”.. Please help !

  4. Alright now, here is what I did . First I installed the APK (2nd link).. Then downloaded sd data for WVGA, extracted it via GLzip. Made a new folder, then a subfolder “files”, in that I placed all the extracted files. After that I started the game with Wifi on, but still got the same error.

  5. Hi Admin.. Need a lil help..
    i have Galaxy Note, i dwnloaded d 2nd .apk file & Wvga data 4m the links above.. while i extract the data using GLzip(dwnloaded 4m the link mentioned above) it shows error and the extracted data is approx 303mb. . please advise..

  6. @yash kedia : sd files

    @ WJB-JNR: This game have currently 55000 downloads from this website.Only 25 of them have problems. so u decide it :)

    @ Jia Wei: i can’t understand your problem.

    Nirav Kaklotar : May be your download is not completed successfully.

    @Nirav Kaklotar: wt is error code?
    @sumit : Download HVGA apk+sd data

  7. @ WJB-JNR: Titanium Backup File link is working fine. Please notice Download button in the right corner(In Download site, Not in ad).

  8. my problem is…i downloaded 2nd apk link,wvga sd data file,extrated with GLzip,downloaded titanium backup data,folow the instruction..done…i open the game…it said A problem occured and the download could not be completed successfully.Do you wan to restart download?
    An unstable network ay cause problems when downloading. tis is my plz..

  9. GLzip for extracting .amz data files

    But that GLZip.exe does’t working…i can’t able to extract that SD card file..? What to do..?

  10. WJB-JNR. Not sure did you manage to get it work after using the Titanium Backup File ? I have no luck, or you give up already?

    I am having S2 rooted. dl 2nd link apk, WVGA, FWVGA.Have the same issue as you. I noticed FWVGA and WVGA is the same file size and contents. Not sure did Admin link it correctly?

    Pls advise.

  11. @chinnu : Try this Link- It works only in windows pc :)

    @ZiiO Fake, Jia Wei: SD Files for different resolutions is almost same. Some of them are just optimized little bit for playing in targeted resolution. So try different apk while keeping sd data same. If its not succeed Download SD Data compatible for your GPU :)(Don’t blame me if its not working for u, I can’t test it in all devices. So kindly share your device model if its worked for u)

    @ Jumperone: Try new License check removed apk

    @Tanvir : Download SD Data for Mali GPU and try any apk listed above other than hvga (apk size is only below 10 MB)

    @ronak bhandari:Try different apk dude.

  12. Am I doing something wrong?

    I downloaded the wvga files for my rooted Nexus S, extracted them with Glzip and copied the files in the sdcard folder and put them in /sdcard/android/data and pasted them in a file called

    Then I got the Titanium Backup files and extracted them in the Titanium Backup folder in SD Card and copied the files from the extracted TB foler out to /sdcard/TitaniumBackup but I can only restore Data only if I have the normal (uncracked) Asphalt 7. I’ll have no backups to restore from the cracked Asphalt 7. And the noraml APK’s won’t work since I get the network error thing.

    So basically, on the normal Asphalt 7 APK’s, I can restore backup from TB but I get the network error thing, and the cracked Asphalt 7 has no backups that I can restore in TB. Help please?

  13. I couldn’t post link for u but search from google: ”asphalt 7 android torrent” and pick one file from pirate bay that is 1gb……then just put the to android/data and install apk and it works….and u can change the lanquage from settings (top right corner)if u want…it is chinese at first….every other asphalt 7 says problem occurred but this didn’t

  14. i have downloaded the SD data..
    checked all apk files.. but it says to download again.. and the license removed apk.. doesnt ask me to download again.. but it just crashes while verifying :(.. help help!

  15. thanks it extracted extract DATA FILES and place it on /android/data/ when it tried to verify it with wi-fi it gives error ‘a problem occurred and the downlaod could not be completed successfully’
    What will i do now? i have experia ray with 4.0 andriod.

  16. I realised that I did not install the ipa provided by the torrent . I managed to play the game once I did . Thanks to @Sebin for ur help anyways . Works well on Galaxy S3

  17. I downloaded the WVGA SD DATA FILES but when i extract it with glzip it starts extracting but then says error.
    i have got a samsung s3..
    please help thanks

  18. I have a rooted device..pls help me I don’t know how to restore apps + data…
    Pls tell me in detail..I’m failing to do it to. All apps..I have titanium backup but there is Jo option to restore data or app.????plssss help me..plsss

  19. download TITANIUM BACKUP FILE from above link, and move into your titanium backup directory (you can find your titanium backup folder location from titanium backup settings). Then just open titanium backup and restore app+data

  20. all of you do not need to complain if this game is not working since actually it hasn’t released yet. so its not yet compatible to all device. still have many bugs and shit.. version 1.0.0? good luck

  21. You can also Download asphalt 7 HD Heat,Shadowgun: The Leftover, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation free from samsung app store (If u own a samsung device). try to find it under Category(top right button)> Games> Gameloft, in the free tab.

  22. Guyzz plz help me out…using galaxy S3 ..i downloadded apk…extacted sd files usung GLzip….but i cant find any such folder named :/:(
    where shud i copy extracted files then????

  23. I have samsung Galaxy SIII…
    I have download the sdfiles for hvga..
    when looked at the size for FWVGA & HVGA it looked same..
    do I have to download it again..
    I downloaded link 2 but it says
    ‘a problem occurred and the download could not be completed’
    When I click try again, it shows again the same error..
    What should I do now?

  24. There is no need to download sd files again. There is no big difference between hvga and fwvga sd files other than little optimizations. I recommend to download torrent apk+ sd files.

  25. it says u required a data connection. but already downloaded sd files and paced it in sd folder . pls find me a solution..

  26. Hello,for s3 users I downloaded this game now I am playing it very well my phone samsung galaxy sIIIgt-i9300 is rooted I used market unlocker pro(apk it is important apk ) and changed to Australia market using that and to find asphalt 7 apk (1) Samsung app you must need find game loft u will see download apk and open it choice wifi it only take a few hours to complete download data file if u have a hight speed net .enjoy, ohh my phone is

  27. bro i downloaded the torrent link.its size is 1GB.i followed the instruction for torrent file but it didnt work.when i extract the file and trying to install it then it said there is problem parsing this package.also the apk file didnt have the usual asphalt 7 icon.what can i do?i have a unrooted sony xperia sola.plz bro help me…….i am dyeing to play this game but can’t.plz help me….plz……..

  28. Hi.. Am using Galaxy tab 2… I had downloaded thro torrentz… i converted to zip and after i extract am getting the same apk file.. am not getting the sd date… i need help… Find me some way…

    • I think you are doing something wrong. There is no problem with torrent file. I just created a demo video to show installation steps. Please note that I didn’t downloaded the apk file from torrent completely. So it will not unzip successfully. Watch this video –

      Also try it using winrar, If above tip doesn’t work rename unzipped apk file and unzip again.

  29. Hi admin im new in android , and i have galaxy s3 , can u tell me which link i have to choose ? And an easy simple instructions for how to install it on my s3 ? I will be so thankful if u help me cz i cant understand the way of installation clearly, thank you …

    • Dowbload torrent apk+ data.

      ** Installation Instruction for s3 **

      1. Change the file extension from apk to zip
      2. Extract the zip using winzip
      3. Copy “” to “sdcard/android/data”
      4. Install the Asphalt 7 apk and play

      for more help, watch this video: . Please note that I didn’t downloaded the apk file from torrent completely. So it will not unzip successfully.

  30. hey dude wats the version and i have samsung galaxy note 2 so should i download the “Asphalt 7 HD Heat SD Data” or “Asphalt 7 HD Heat SD Data For Adreno and Mali GPu Devices” and can i download it from the phone and then change the apk to zip can i do that r……….??

    • Download torrent apk+ data. You can download it from phone and change the apk to zip. But downloading torrent file from phone is not a good Idea. version- 1.0.3

    • This game is in Chinese Language, but u can easily set to English from settings menu and 4th option given there in Chinese to see the american flag, to set the English language.

  31. i download GTA III and i do as described in description

    i accept eula and press back button then minimize then start game from recent apps. then game maximize and it freezes and auto close after 10 sec.

  32. please can you help me about my xperia Sl i cant manage asphalt the screen keeps blinking with version 1.0.4 and with 1.0.0 says asphalt has stoped unfortunately .

  33. Hey…can u plz tell me which apk and data shed I download for MMX canvas HD (1280×720) resolution …I need HD resolution apk n data…so which one shud I download. Plz tell me which and what things are to be replaced…plz sir tell me the links for HD phones..

  34. not working in my micromax canvas 2 plzzzz help, it starts for a second and suddenly its closed….. PLZZZZZ HELP !!!!!!!!!

    • 1. Go to your Setting-> Account and sync and then make a Google account (if u have a Google account, you can’t register with it You should crate a new account)
      2. Change your date to 2010, restart your device after that disconnect wifi or any network now launch the game
      If still game crashes, then again copy only .obb file to the folder

  35. Hi sebin,
    I have downloaded the game through utorent on my samsung galaxy tab 2 and extracted it using app .I copied the file….. to (android /data) but when i am going to install the game the (Error:There was problem parsing the package)is coming .Then I had transferred the file to my PC and renamed it .zip extracted it on my desktop and copied the file… to the (Android/Data) but while coping it is telling me to convert or it will not work properly and when I am doing convert it is showing estimated time to copy 1-5 hours
    Please help me out on this

    • I think you are using PC suite to connect your phone to PC, Please follow below steps:
      1. Connect your phone to PC through USB cable
      2. Go to Settings-> Applications-> Development-> Untick USB Debugging
      3. Open notification bar and tap on “Select to copy files to /from your computer” and select Turn On USB Storage.
      4. Now you can manage sd card from your computer without any problems

      Try again copying Sd files to android/data.

  36. thanks broooooooooooooooo !! u have made my day … i tried soooo hard to run this game on my device .. bt now it works … one more thing .. the language is in chinese how to change it ?

  37. Thanks for your reply
    But I do not have a SD card in my TAB I have stored it in my phone memory.And my Tab is also connected through USB an not through PC suite

  38. Ok the problem was with the sound files. To fix them I had downloaded a converter and converted them into WMA format.The game got installed but when I am clicking on the game Icon the error(A problem occured and the download could not be completed successfully) is coming I have also cleared the data from (settings/application manager)but still I am getting the problem.I even tried changing the .apk but the problem still exist .I request you to kindly help me out on this.

  39. i downloaded apk and sd data and i copied the sd data to obb file,but ithink the problem is apk file it displays touch to play option and sudently i goes back to my android menu.can u please mention what would i do.

    • Try all above apk’s, such as Asphalt 7 HD Heat HVGA apk 1 (9.01 MB – zipyshare), Asphalt 7 HD Heat apk 2 (9.01 MB-, Asphalt 7 HD Heat apk License Check Removed apk.

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