How To Fix Server Error In The Simpsons™: Tapped Out


Fix Server Error In The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

I assume you tried The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.5.0 Android Hack Without Root and found it’s no longer work. So here I come with new hack that fix server connection problems in The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.4.0 by hosting your own server. Also this is the last version of this hack, this will stop working when EA release new version and you updated it to the same. Origin servers are still required to sync your account. The mod doesn’t change or intercept account data except downloadable data.  All credits goes to spencer, the original creator of this hack. This version of hack gives you unlimited Donut, Money and XP. Also it unlocks Old Items.

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out Game Features:

  • Make Springfield just like you want it.
  • Help Homer find Marge, Bart, Lisa, and the rest of his family and friends! (Ned Flanders, too.)
  •  Grow and harvest Tomacco on Cletus’s Farm
  • See how your Indolence, Consumerism,and Gluttony stack up on the Conform-o-meter.
  • Complete tasks to earn… mmm, donuts!
  • Make Apu work ridiculously long shifts at Kwik-E-Mart.
  • Party down with Duffman at Duff Brewery.
  • Enjoy exclusive animated scenes sure to please fans of TV’s longest-running comedy.
  • Visit your friends’ Springfields, play pranks, and collect cash.
What’s New In The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.4.1 (22-August- 2013):
  1. Build your very own theme park with rides, games, mascots, quests and more!
  2. Develop an entirely brand new area for your park and raise your Krust-O-Meter to attract more visitors
  3. Featuring iconic rides like the Tooth Chipper and Mt. Krustmore, mascots of both Itchy and Scratchy and over 40 other rides and games, your park is sure to be a success!
To Hack the game, Follow the instructions below:

Spend as much as donuts as you want. There is no special plant to provide free donuts. Even if you do not have any, as these to reach 0 to negative values ​​continue to fall, and when you leave and re-enter the game will meet again at 0. With the money is the same, you can spend all you want , and to exit the game and re-enter this resets to 0 again. This update is hacked by Predicneitor, so all credits goes to him. You can subscribe to his youtube channel here.

The Above Hack Only Gives You Unlimited money in TSTO. So If you Want Unlimited Donuts/Money/XP/Tickets, Get It Here- TSTO Android Hack [Unlimited Donuts/Money/XP/Tickets]
  • Sometimes you will get Server Error when trying to update/ play the game because lot of peoples trying to update the game on that time! So server is overloaded and the game can’t connect to the server.  Go to settings> applications> tapped out> force stop and clear cache and try again after sometime. Hitting retry a hundred times in a moment doesn’t help you to update the game, so try again in different time.
  • Even though you can’t grow money or donuts on Cletus’s Farm, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how much you actually have you can still buy whatever you want.
  • s long as you don’t tap one of the Gils, or send certain characters on holiday themed tasks it should be fine. It can be frustrating because it’s hard to avoid tapping Gil sometimes. And unfortunately you won’t know which holiday tasks work and which freeze and crash the game until you try them. Like the Whacking Day tasks work fine, but the Christmas ones don’t. Once you get the hang if what to avoid, it’s really not a bad hack. The original is better and hopefully will be fixed but this one is cool for now
Very Important: This hack is for The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.4.0. As You know the latest version The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.5.0 is just released yesterday (01-October-13), so it takes some time to hack it. So please wait few more days for new hack. In meantime like our Facebook Page and Add Me To Your Google+ Circles to get notified when new hack releases.



  1. is there a way to get the ksweb app working ive tryed several times. sais the server started but ib the screen it asks me to type a url in my server browser bar to get acces to server. and i pick one and it asks for a password and user name

  2. Hi !
    I have FC when i try to play with my origin account, but game started (with hack) if i play anonymously…

    Thank for your works !

    • Uninstall all previous version of The Simpsons™: Tapped Out including Googleplay version. Install and open KSWEB app, you will get ‘server started’ notification on the notification bar. Now Install The Simpsons™: Tapped Out apk and update it.

  3. TSTO application crashed 5 times during the update but it could resume it each time.

    Now everything is working nicely ! Thank you a lot !

    A question : do i still need KS Server now ? If yes, what will we do in five days when the evaluation period will be over ?

    • Thanks for commenting bro.. Please use your google account to comment here.. Temporarily I blocked anonymous comment option in our sire because of lot of spam comments.

  4. evrey thime that i start it it says cannot connect to server and in the back it s screen and there was a gae update install v0 again and get the update before returing to yhis version

  5. Any idea on why my Krustyland crashes and sometimes runs real slow. My Springfield loads fine and runs smoothly but, when I connect to Krustyland it goes real slow and crashes. I thought it could have been the amount of activity, but my Spingfield has a whole lot more going on than my Krustyland. You have any suggestions that might improve this?

  6. Hi bud, So after doing all this? Could I log into the legit version (from google play) and have all my stuff i just got still? Or are you having to forever play on the hacked version of the game?

  7. Run through all steps step by step in video, but after it gets done updating, I enter age, log into my acct, and then the donut wheel spin 2-3 times, freezes, and app closes completely.

    • Are you using any paranoid rom? If yes, Disable HALO if you want to install apk`s. Max out screen brightness andAlso disable any Screen Dimmer/Filter programs including some Battery Saving programs (ie. Juice Defender Ultimate) and then proceed to install the APK.

  8. Worked like charm. Couple of questions question though. What happens after the trial period is over? Can I sign in on multiple devices or am I stuck with just the one? I don’t want to risk losing all this. Thanks for a great hack

    • It always kick me out, im lv 31. But i used my android to help my sister town lv 7, it works wonderfully. Do u hv any suggestion for my case? I think my data is heavier as i got much buildings than her. Thank you. Really appreciate it :)

  9. This works flawlessly on my phone, but then I tried to do it on my tablet and I get to installing tsto.apk and I get a message that says “an existing package by the same name and conflicting signature is already installed.” I have a nexus seven tablet. This is awesome by the way. Thank you for your hard work on this.

  10. I installed everything last night and it worked smoothly. I even played on it this morning and it played well. then around noon, it had problems connecting to server. I uninstalled TSTO and reinstalled it. then it would not download the files to play. I left it on Wi-Fi for ten minutes and it didn’t budge from 0. I uninstalled everything (including the ksweb app) and started over. still stuck at zero on the download. so I uninstalled everything and I’m back on the vanilla apk from the play store. any ideas on how I could fix it? thanks a million

  11. This works flawlessly on my phone, but then I tried to do it on my tablet and I get to installing tsto.apk and I get a message that says “an existing package by the same name and conflicting signature is already installed.”

    • Are you sure the KSWEB: server running on background? I hope you removed all versions of TSTO from your device, now just clear cache of Googleplay Store and restart. Then try to start from scratch.

  12. Please help me, I have an iphone and been using the bluestacks programme to hack my tapped out game. But recently I have been getting the message saying that I need to reinstall -v0 apk, could you offer any advice or process or download I should do?
    All the best jowebbing

  13. My game will install and load fine but I don’t have unlimited money or donuts. I did everything the video shows and it all went the same way but don’t have the extras. Ideas?

  14. did everything you said…

    Downloaded all the files extract to the correct folder! everything went well, no errors.
    game installed nicely en updated well..

    but no unlimited donuts/money…
    yes server is running … :(

    • Navigate to Bluestacks shared folder (“%PROGRAMDATA%BlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder” ) and unzip there. Close this folder, and open ES File Explorer in Bluestacks and browse to the folder SDCard/bstfolder/BstSharedFolder, in here you should see a tsto440 folder. Long press the tsto430 folder, so it gets marked, and click Copy in the bottom of the screen. Go back to the local folder (click Local and / Device in the left panel). Now go to SDCard/htdocs/.. and click the Paste button in the bottom of the screen. Now run KSWEB again.

  15. Followed your guide (even checked the video to be perfectly sure), but whenever I launch TSTO (final step – after updating), I get to the welcome screen, log in, and tap the screen to continue. And that’s when the app closes and I’m on my homescreen again. Have tried rebooting & re-installing a couple of times. Same problem.

  16. Hiya! Tried all you said but when it comes to unzipping the august1st file it tells me its bad file and cant unzip? Tried using the software you suggested and AndroZip but still says the same?

    • Re- download the zip file using any other download manager and unzip again using ES File Explorer. Also don’t forget to delete existing TSTO folder from htdocs before unzipping again.

    • The game has received a new level 33 update. The poster has said this is the last version of the hack and will stop working when the game updates.

  17. Dude ii forgot to comment but I downloaded the New apk as soon as you put it and I followed the tutorial and you are really awesome man Its working and have no complaints. …I mean I still can’t use my log in because it stops and send me to the main screen of my phone even when I downloaded an app that hides my ip. ….but yhe hack itself works perfect

  18. Hi ive followed your video tutorial, everything went right until updating phase. It continued to update until several hours, the downloaded updates were even beyond 1GB. But it kept doing that. My device is S4. pls help.

  19. I have a Motorola xoom, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, updated it and now it it dosent connect to the server, what google play link? like installing the actual game from google play? I’ve had it before and it worked fine

    • Can you download TSTO 4.4.0 new apk and update it over WiFi. No KSWEB server needed. Just do it in a normal way. Please share the result here. You can buy or build anything, the cakes will go negative. but it will restore to the normal amount after restarting the game

    • Which Link?? All links working fine dude. I think you have problems with or Download buttons. You need to click on “Skip Ad” after clicking on the link, also “Download Buttons” before & after the posts are advertisement. Read the post, you can find download links :)

  20. FYI- I initially was getting the bad file error with August as well. I tried to download it again just using the web (instead of the EZ File) and it worked. Hope that helps.

  21. I installed the hack perfectly yesterday, and now it doesn’t work, it says that can’t connect to the server and: “there was a game update. install v0 again and get update before returning to this version” and KSWEB is Full and with the server started help me please

  22. I downloaded it and installed it and I can’t grow donuts, money or XP, and it still just keeps closing, especially after a conversation starts with the dude with black hair and a white shirt, about sales and stuff

  23. I used to do this with bluestacks…it doesn’t work with this. Can someone please give me krustyland tickets?? I’ve already have enough donuts but i need more krustyland tickets… if you add some more donuts I won´t be mad either hahaha

  24. same :( i can not start a new game and are friends go to my city become the same prob its load an the game close.
    test the apk on bluestack there ist my update 141mb on my handy 344mb. on bluestack i can begin a new game but when i log in and start close simpsons the donut stop roll and close

  25. It’s updating as I type. So far I’m very impressed with this hack. If it ends up working fully then it will be the only working hack I’ve seen that’s legit. Thank you for taking the time to post this up (and figure it out if you did), it’s not a simple process.

  26. hey bro thanx for all your hard work. I installed tsto 4.4.0 apk, but I can’t grow donuts, money, tickets, i tried to plant tree at cletus farm it wont let me put atree in the farm tried to put one outside. i also have three of the same guys walking around some sales guy every time i tap them it freezes and restarts any advice

  27. I don’t have a rooted phone and when I log into the game it now says “An Update is Required”. I can’t do the Googleplay update as it says “not available in my country”.

    Is this hack now dead? I’ve removed htdocs, reinstalled the Aug 1st zip, and then reinstalled the apk from here but it’s not letting me get past the update screen :(

  28. Well, update now redirects to google shop or 1mobile Market so its onpossible to run it in KSWEB nor BlueStacks.

  29. Will this work with the latest v4.4.1 game update? I can’t seem to make it work :( when I start up it wants me to update to 4.4.1, but the APK file is for 4.4.0

  30. I had this working last night and this morning but tonight when I tried to play, there is a pop up on the title screen,
    “update available…required to continue.”
    I finally decided to uninstall STO_440vKSWEB. Then installed TSTO from Google Play. Signed in.
    All my work was saved but Cletus farm no longer gives free donuts and cash. I still have $4,000,000 & 20,000 donuts, lol.
    Any idea what happened?

  31. After KSweb expired from google play I download and Installed the KS web crack from the link then installed it. When I run the Simpson it says update available, want! want!.. but it wont update after I click the Update Button.

  32. Sebin, a nome di molti “giocatori, ti ringrazio per ciò che fatto fino ad oggi, ti ringrazio anticipatamente per ciò che farai. :)

  33. This is the last version version of The Simpsons™: Tapped Out hack, there is no more hack will be released for future versions. So enjoy as much as you can.


    Is that true?

  34. I am trying the new hack, however I still getting the server time error: i’ve installed androit pro zip file manager, then extracted the springfield file, then i’ve installed, but I am getting the server error, what I’ve could be doing wrong?

  35. I had a problem after installing the hack, by the way it worked but i closed the game and then opened it it gave me a message that i “need to install the v0 again and get the updated files before returning to this version.”

    what’s the v0 and where i can find it?

  36. @ JHON TORRES, ASIERRA113, MICHAEL MANAHAN, EMAD ALDEEN HAJJAR: You got server error, because lot of peoples trying to update the game now! So server is overloaded and the game can’t connect to the server.
    It happens sometimes go to settings> applications> tapped out> force stop and clear cache and try again after sometime. Hitting retry a hundred times in a moment doesn’t help you to update the game, so try again in different time.

  37. hey can you help me i deleted simpsons from google play (and tryied with simpsons from google play) and all cheats on simpsons exept TSTO that i downloaded then force stopped googleplay and closed it and installed the game but why i didn’t see any updates installing and then says cannot connect or something like that and says i need to install v0 update but i don’t know where to get it and what to do. Please help me, thanks. :(

  38. Hey Sebin, first off thanks for your continuous work!
    i am a new player and have just downloaded this hack ( 4.4.1 v2 )
    i have updated and the game is running as fine..however i do not have the options to the donut/money/xp items on Cletus’ farm :(

    this is unavailable on both my origin account and on an anonymous user

    pls help !!

  39. Hey Sebin, I obviously tried the one from yesteday (28/08/13) and it obviously had a broken link after i used it so it did work for a bit, so i have tried the one uploaded today and it also seems to be broken or something, it takes all way back to halloween events etc and doesn’t have free donuts, tickets etc :/ i have followed the description is there a link to download the zip as i am getting confused now haha

  40. Installed the new 8/29 apk and now all sorts of old quests are coming up (Whacking Day, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines etc…..Have 1 quest stuck (build cool Brown house) I cannot complete it as I built the cool brown house months ago…Any ideas on how to clear?

  41. Having so many glitches after installingt The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.4.1 v2 [New apk: 29- Aug- 13]. Force close is the main problem of all and some of the previous quests that I didn’t played seems to appear.But beside that it’s a great hack.

  42. Everything works but once you click on the ol sales guy it freezes then the app crashes…also, there are many quest from the past that show up on your task log ex. Valentines day, whacking day, santa coins, zombie stuff etc. Is there a fix for this or is this part of having the hack?

  43. Hey I am getting this on the screen when trying to open the game, what does this mean?

    “if you see this screen and there was a game update. You need to install v0 again and get updated game files before retuning to this version”

  44. My money won’t reset to 0. It’s currently -21175000. When I logout and log back in, it just stays there. I can still purchase whatever, but I’m wondering if it should be reseting. Works great otherwise! Thanks!

  45. hey i got a question i am trying to get barney unlock but to do that i need to unlock ned there a bug for whacking day when you complete the entire list it freeze at the box area so becareful @_@

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