Gangstar Rio: City of Saints v1.1.4 APK+ Data (October 28, 2013)


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
One of the best high end action game available in Google Play. You’ll never experience a better way to discover Rio de Janeiro! The acclaimed Gangstar series is back on Android devices to offer you a whole new place to have criminally good fun! Graphics-wise, Gangstar Rio look much better compared to the previous Gangstar games. In addition, the game loaded extremely quickly and the framerate was relatively smooth. For the first time in the Gangstar series, explore indoor environments fully realized in 3D. Over 60 varied missions to complete, plus dozens of random events to give you hours of fun. Kill corrupt politicians, protect witnesses, deliver special packages, steal cars and find out who tried to kill you and leave you for dead.
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Access a wide range of weapons like handguns, rifles, bazookas and grenades plus a new local specialty: the Explosive Football. Also drive dozens of vehicles including planes, helicopters and a tank, and of course, you can steal, purchase and collect dozens of cars and motorbikes. You can now customize your character. Unlock numerous shirts, pants, hats, glasses and more that you can collect and use to customize your character. The realism has been pushed even further thanks to various radio stations broadcasting hip hop, electro and funk music with several licensed tracks. Watch a Video Review Of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Must Have Android Action Game: Gangstar City APK FUll Game Free Download

Download Gangstar Rio: City of Saints apk + SD Data Files  :

What’s New In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints 1.1.4 (October 28, 2013):
  1. Enjoy loads of new deadly content!
  2. Fly off on your Jetpack! Grab it by clearing the new Carrier mission.
  3. Cruise in the new Muscle Car & Abominator.
  4. Set your wheels on fire with the Nitro Boost.
  5. Lock & load with deadly new toys: M16, Chainsaw, Crossbow, Sacrificial Blade.
  6. Master Voodoo spells & summon zombie allies!
  7. Go all out on the 3 new repeatable missions.
  8. Grab tons of new items.

Download Gangstar Rio: City of Saints 1.1.4 Apk:

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints 1.1.4 SD Data Files Part1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Download Link (765 MB)


Important Notes:
  • Only download above patch file (168 KB), If you have v1.1.3 data files and you don’t want to download entire game data again.
  • If you download this game first time only download apk and data. Now install apk and place data files (‘’) in ‘sdcard/Android/obb/(Here)’. Launch the game online (For License Verification Only).
  • If you have a previous version 1.1.3 Data files then you don’t have to download them again just download obb patch file and follow instructions below.

Installation Instructions:

  • Extract v1.1.3 data files (all 4 Parts), you will get “” folder.
  • Open folder and rename Main obb file “” to “”.
  • Download and place OBB PATCH FILE NAMED “” into” folder.
  • So now in your ‘’ folder there should be 2 files. “” and “” like in the below screenshot.
  • Now copy “” folder into your phone’s SDCard/Android/Obb/ and then install APK and Run online @First Run.

Note: You can check your device compatibility by visiting Googleplay Link. If you device not compatible download All device optimized apk+data. Also you need 2 GB free space in your sd card to place data files (Data File Size after extraction: 1.97 GB)

All Device Optimized APK & Data:

4shared Premium Link (Direct Download) – Using Premium Account Link Generator

Installation Instructions

  1. Install APK
  2. Copy ‘’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/data’
  3. Launch the Game. May be It will ask you to download 6 mb extra data,press yes, when download will be finished then you will be able to play the game

Note: You can increase SD card read/write speed by using SD Booster, this will ensure smooth gameplay.

APK+ Data For Samsung  Galaxy Nexus:

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints For Samsung Galaxy Nexus (657 MB)

Password: zs0mby

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Installation Instructions for galaxy nexus:

  • Unzip above zip file
  • Copy to sdcard/Android/data
  • Disable Internet Connection
  • Install apk And Launch the Game
If you got any force close error, please try below steps:
  1. Download this Titanium Backup File- Gangster Rio Force Close Fix Titanium Backup File
  2. Extract file and put it in a Titanium Backup folder in your scared
  3. Open titanium backup and select Restore data only.
  4. Launch the game.



    • it aks for 270 mb more to download ?
      . no big problem if it will make it work- i had bought original game from play store but it had green volumes instead of textures on objects so now I downloaded your optimized apk and data hoping it will work now with maybe less memory to deal with- but with 270 mb more to download I’m affraid it might not work again…I’m so inpatient to see the result …and I’m writing this for someone who has the same 270mb download request to see if it ‘s OK. I’ll post my final result as soon as I check the game if it works

    • ok, it works! only one ( not so big in comparision to what i had before ) bug – road is now vividly green , without texture :D is it my ram , processor or some bug in the data file ?

    • This means your device is not “officially” compatible with this game. May I know your device model? If you rooted your device, you can edit your build.prop file and change your device model no. To do this download root Explorer and make file system r/w mode by clicking icon on the top. Navigate to root (/)of you device and at the bottom there will be your build.prop. Be aware that there is also a file named build.prop.bak, we are not using that file so just leave it alone..and enter the regular build.prop. Open the build.prop, with any text editor. Once in build.prop you can edit the following things:

      -edit Android Version by locating and changing the current Build Version.
      - Edit your Model # by locating ro.product.model= and changing your model #
      - change your product brand by locating ro.product.brand=

      Please Note that if you change the product brand, the name MUST be in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS!!! Change all above to a high end device like Samsung Galaxy S3. Once you are done playing around, press menu, and then Save…now just exit the app and reboot your phone.
      Once your device reboots, go to Settings> About Phone/Device and see the changes! ;D

  1. Hey (: nice website
    I own a galaxy tab 2, I downloaded the game yesterday, but it says my device is not compatible

  2. When I open the game its required 6mb download to run.After downloading the game run and after sometime my mobile is hang and finally the game is closed automatically and after this when I open obb folder in sdcard no file in it. What’s wrong.please help.

  3. hey i have the same problem it says the device is not compatible.i used the root explorer and many other software to edit buil.prop but it android version is 4.0 and model is qmobilea10…can u tell me any other way to solve the problem???

  4. Hey, can you please provide instructions for the all device compatible one? I tried moving extra data to sd card/Android/data but it still says I need 1.7k mb of extra data. My device is a 2.3.4 non rooted lg doubleplay.

    • Try placing data files in internal storage/Android/data or sd card/Android/obb (If you have no obb folder, create one). If this doesn’t work just start download extra files within the game and cancel after it start download. This will create data folder in you sd card or internal memory. Find it and replace it with your sd data files.

  5. this website is very very nice.. good share..good problem response and solution…
    Thanks very much.. this game work (100% no-lag & smooth) on my device android andromax-i

  6. I use the normal apk files, my device is acer liquid z110
    Everybody said my device is compatible, ram is 512 mb, i’m using chainfire too, but it’s crashes after gameloft logo,
    and can you mirror the all device compatible apk because the rar is corrupted, thank you before

    • It won’t work, the verification data is ok, and then what i said before, it crashed after gameloft logo screen, another solution maybe?
      Many many thanks for your site and your appreciation

    • Maybe it due to wrong data file placement. Search your whole phone and external memory for ‘’ folder. If you can find it, replace the folder with downloaded data files. Also you can try Place data folder in (‘': sdcard/android/data/(here) or sdcard0/android/data/ or sdext/android/data

    • Ok, i found 2 exact same name directories, one is in the android/data, it contains some small files, and then the other one is android/obb it contains .obb files , i move the obb files to android/data, but the result is still the same…

    • That two same name folders needed to run a android game properly. Obb is android game cache files, so first uninstall game completely from your device (Also remove data files). Then Install apk (Do not open) and try placing
      1. Downloaded data files to android/data, Lauch game
      2. If above don’t work place downloaded data files to android/obb, and lauch game.

  7. hey sebin gangster rio isn”t compaitable in my device and when I start the game the gameloft sign comes and then that this game contains some language andthen goes off and I”v to downloaded the play store no license verification apk toooooooooooo

    • It maybe due to wrong data file placement or license verfication, so try below steps:

      1. Try Placing ‘’ to sdcard/android/obb/(here) or sdcard0/android/obb/ or sdext/android/obb/ . If you have no obb folder in android, just create one.

      2. If still crashes, it is due to license verification (You need to turn on your Wifi/ 3G to complete this step). To remove license verfication use Patched Googleplay Store

  8. Thanks. I tried these steps but doesn’t work. I purchased Gangstar Rio 1.1.3 from Play Store on 14/07 and it didn’t work neither from there… It always closes automatically. Any solution?

    Sorry for my english

    • Chainfire 3D doesn’t work if you are using CM10, but I didn’t tested chainfire on a stock jellybean. So if you are using CM10, never try to install chainfire 3D. It will not work. If you are using stock OS (4.1.2), first take a nanandroid backup and install chainfire 3D. if anything unexpected (Bootloop) happens, we can restore our nanandroid backup and save all data.

  9. I downloaded this fully installed correct path
    after i run this game my device automatically restarted
    want can i do. game was run normally when i control that character my device automatically go to black screen and restarted
    i m owned HTC desire V
    i ghz processor
    512 md ram
    free space on sd card(after install game) more then 2gb
    graphics 200

    which one is problem
    please fix that bugs…..

  10. Now it works on my xperia j with kernel vengeance that I flashed. Thank you anyway for your time Sebin Thomas.

    Sorry for my English.

  11. Still the game didn’t run.. Let me tell you the whole procedure I adopted.

    1- I downloaded the “all device optimized apk + data” on my pc.

    2- I copied “all device optimized apk + data” zip file to my “sdcard/download” folder.

    3- Then I extracted this “all device optimized apk + data” zip file, which automatically being extracted to “sdcard/speedsoftware/extracted” folder from where I installed this app..

    4- After installation i again go to the “sdcard/speedsoftware/extracted” folder and extracted the file named as “Gangstar.Rio.CoS_Lite.Cache.rar” which contain the folder named as “”.

    5- I copied this “” folder to sdcard/android/obb (at first there was no such folder like “obb”… i created that folder myself… the original path was “sdcard/android/data” and i didnt delete the “data” folder but created “obb” folder there aswell..

    6- Then I run the game which asked to download 819.84 MB of extra data… I downloaded that 800+ MB of data and run the game which automatically exits at gameloft logo…

    These are the steps i took… Now please please guide me either i’ve to extract the zip file on PC and copy it to my sdcard specific folder or what to do? Please tell me the step wise procedure in details…
    I shall be very grateful to you… I’ve been trying to run this app from last 2 months… please help me!!

    THANKS :/

    • There is no need to download 819.84 MB data again, anyway you did it. It asks to download whole data again because of wrong data file placement. Nothing wrong, now the game crashes because of your device doesn’t have enough specs to run this game or due to license verification. You forgot to mention your device model in the above long comment, so first let me know the model and root access status. If you have root access, install [root] Chainfire3D Pro 3.3 apk and reduce texture clarity and size. If doesn’t have root access try below instructions (It is good idea to backup downloaded data):

      I assume you extracted rar file using Root Explorer File Manager! It’s not always gonna work in case of larger files, so you need to:
      1. extract ‘Gangstar Rio: City of Saints All Device Compatible APK+ Data’ using winrar from PC
      2. Place apk in any folder on your sd card, and install it (Don’t open)
      3. Extract ‘Gangstar.Rio.CoS_Lite.Cache.rar’, you will get ‘’ folder, copy it to sdcard/ Android/ obb (via USB cable).
      4. Now Launch Game, If still it shows ‘You need to download 819.84 MB data, just exit the game and place ‘’ folder in sdcard0/android/obb or sdext/android/obb. and launch game again. I hope this will fix your problem. If you still faing any problems, just send me a message to our Facebook page.

  12. well im using Qmobile Noir A8.. and i checked it on “google play” which says this device is compatible with this game… secondly my cell phone is rooted… and im using root explorer… and my rom is jellybean 4.1.1..

    • Are you using ICS? ICS is really bad for gaming. If you still using ICS, Upgrade to jelly bean may be it will work. Also after crashing the game, turn off internet/ WiFi and launch game. Also try below installation steps:

      1. INSTALL .APK
      4. COPY ‘’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’

  13. plz help , i have micromax canvas 2 + , the game was installed but when i launche the game application shows “cheacking required files” and after finishing it shows “0MB required files downloaded” and when i press on the OK , black screen comes and after 2 or 3 seconds the application stops…:( :'(

    plz tell me what i have to do???

  14. I have almost the same thing, it says “files checked, press ok” after i press ok it will just reboot and checks files again, after i press ok it just keeps rebooting and checking files.

  15. when i extract gangstar rio v1.1.3 sdcard data part 1 | data part 2 | data part 3 | data part 4. i get following folders and files:

    1) Instructions.txt
    2) Android HVGA and QVGA HD Games

    Now, may i have to copy all of these 3 things to my sdcard/android/obb or just this “” folder?

    secondly i downloaded “Gangstar Rio v 1.1.4 OBB PATCH FILE” which actually is “” an .exe file. Now, may i have to put this file into “sdcard/android/obb/” and may i have to run this .exe file in my mobile?

  16. 1. Copy only ‘’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/data‘.
    2. You downloaded wrong file friend, I think you downloaded Datafilehost download manager! So try to download file again. The exact file name is- .

    FYI:exe files is to install windows only. You can’t run it on your android.

  17. Hey sabin..
    1). I extracted gangstar rio v1.3.3 sdcard data part 1 | data part 2 | data part 3 | data part 4 and then i got a folder “” after that i renamed the file to “” and then copied this “” folder to ‘sdcard/android/data’.

    2). then i downloaded the file “” and copied it to ‘sdcard/android/data’

    after that i downloaded “Gangstar Rio: City of Saints 1.1.4 apk” and placed it in “sdcard/download” and installed that apk. when i run the app on wifi turned on, it checked for required files and a displayed a message “the game has been successfully downloaded. Touch OK and start playing!” after that it shows gameloft logo and black screen appears and after 1 or 2 seconds the app closes automatically.. Now tell me what to do?

    • You go wrong in step 2 bro, copy ‘’ to ie,

      1. After extracting all 4 parts you will get a folder named ‘’
      2. Open Folder you can find a file named ‘’
      3. Rename it to ‘’
      4. After that place downloaded patch file (“”) to ‘’.
      5. So now in ‘’ folder you should have 2 files. “” and “”.
      5. Now move ‘’ folder into android/obb and play online (p).

  18. i have micromax A110 canvas 2 . I download rio 1.1.3 & sd file in 4 after cheqing licence it stopped. my device is rooted. now pls solve my prblm plz helpppppppppppp me

    • Patch file is for those who already have v1.1.3 and want to update the game to latest version (v1.1.4). So to avoid complications download v1.1.4 data files and place it in android/obb. Don’t forget to remove any previous versions of the game data from android/obb. (m)

  19. I have already download Rio v 1.1.3 apk & Part4 data file, then i extract the file. after that i paste the file “” to memori card Android/obb. bt not working. Is this game work in micromax canvas2 A110

    • micromax canvas2 A110 only have 512 MB RAM, huh!! ;( So probably it is one of the reasons. To fix this follow below tweaks:

      1. Increase your RAM Memory up to 4GB using RAM Expander, but you need a good read/ write supported sd card (At least 6mb/sec, you can find it on the top of sd card within a circle).
      2. Install Patched Googleplay to skip Googleplay license verification.

    • It’s not about the size of your sd card. RAM expander depends on speed class of your sd card. You can fid it in a circle on top of the sd card! First install patched Googleplay, it will automatically validate all cracked apps license. After that install RAM Expander, it increase your RAM by creating swap file on your sd card. After it launch game.

    • It is possible to download data within the game. Your phone is not compatible with this game on Googleplay, huh! So probably there is no optimised game data files in devoloper website! Anyway you can try your luck :o

  20. Bro I installed all d apk 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 BT not download data.BT in play store it seen installed. And or patched Google play link not connected. Now what is d solution or I forget about this game what do u say. Plz help meeeeeee

  21. bro, pls give me a perfect sollusion. i installed all d apk 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4. bt there is same prblm force close after chequeing licence. no data downloading by carrer network. is the game play or i hve to forget the hope of playing this game. and ur patched google play link not downloading… plz help me bro….

  22. game works fine but graphic glitches ocuure while playing and sometimes textures and models are start disappearing on galaxy core duos there is no lag no crash game runs good so what is the problem i have downloaded all three file link file above plz help.

  23. can u please help me to play this i have downloaded all versions and did all steps what should I do for my Xolo Q3000
    gangster rio

    • Install apk, place sd data in android/ obb. Just launch game. If your got any error, comment here with error details.

  24. I have downloaded and installed dozens of other games like gta san andreas , NOVA 3 , vice city , Dark knight rises by placing the data in ‘sdcard/android/obb’ and all of these games worked like charm but not Gangster rio After I compelete all the steps and opened the game It showed – ‘checking required files’ and then after few seconds it showed – ‘game has already downloaded click ok to play’ and when i click on play the gameloft logog appears and after 2 or 3 seconds the game crashes
    I am so sick of this now please suggest some solution

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