Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.1.7c Android APK+ Data Free Download


Modern-Combat-4-Zero-Hour-1.1.7c-apkModern Combat 4: Zero Hour is Gameloft’s latest military shooter game for Android. The popular Modern Combat series is getting its 4th version. Also you can download Modern Combat Sandstorm and Modern Combat 3 fallen nation. The graphics in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour look awesome. Though it is not an official released, you can enjoy this games on your android phones. Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour apk+ Sd data [1.8GB] via direct or torrent. Experience the ultimate action of the latest Modern Combat.

The story line of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour revolves around U.S. President Burke’s kidnapping in Hawaii, where the commander in chief gets abducted from the C3 Conference. As you’ve probably guessed, this involves assuming the role of an American soldier charged with his rescue, and you’re half right. In an interesting twist, Gameloft divided the campaign into two unique sections, one starring the aforementioned hero, the other villain Edward Paige, a highly trained Green Beret whose anti-American views landed him on the CIA’s black list. How these two characters play off each other, if at all, has yet to be revealed.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.1.0 apk with Data

To that end, there seems to be a plethora of different environments and set pieces, from a tropical “storm the beach” style romp to a thrilling ride aboard an attack chopper as it crosses a mountain range. No matter where you are, something cool should take place at all times, says the publisher.

Watch A Game Trailer Of  Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour- The Best Android Game Trailer Ever:

Recent Changes In 1.1.7c (Updated on January 13, 2015):

  1. Support for Android Lollipop
  2. Various bugs fixed

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour apk+ SD Data

Note: If you already downloaded previous version of this game (1.1.0+), You don’t  need to download newobb data to run this game. This gamerun smoothly on android Smartphone/ tablet with at least 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM,  Adreno 220 GPU, equivalent or better and 1.9 GB of available memory. If you want more mirror download links, comment below. Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play online at first time.Game will force close it means game itself deleted obb files,place data folder again and then game will work fine.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.1.7c Mod Version apk and data:

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.1.7c Mod apk Only Download Link / Mirror download (23 MB, Cracked)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.1.7c Mod Data / Mirror Download Link (1.2 GB)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.1.7c Patch / Mirror Download (5.5 MB)

How to Install [Nonroot/Offline]:
  1. Extract the data in one file and paste to the internal memory of your device e.g sdcard/android/obb
  2. Extract and paste the patch to sdcard/android/obb
  3. Install APK and Launch the Game.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Working Confirmed Devices
Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Google Nexus 7, Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman, Xperia Arc S, Nexus S, Xperia Play HTC Desire X etc. Please comment below with your device model if this game working on your droid. This Game Will Work on More devices Other than listed Above



  1. hey buddy great job …ty for all your effort
    downloaded all part but problem with PART4 just have a look at it .
    will be thankfull to you it could give link for 4th part.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for your efforts buddy,its people like you who keep the major android community alive.I have downloaded this game at least from 5 different sites and none worked on my new Motorola Razr HD(XT925),but finally i found this site and the game worked like magic.Hats off to you bro…A++ :)

  3. Offline? No need for internet connectivity? It still tells me to use wi-fi or my carrier network and when it finishes it shows the gameloft logo again and restarts the whole process. It loops the whole time, what should I do?

  4. hi SEBIN,
    would you please let me know how to Install this Games in HTC sensantion XL,should i download all the parts for installing this?
    please help

    • Hey you told to Copy ‘’ folder to sdcard/Android/obb/(here) in the instruction but in this comment you are suggesting to copy to ‘sdcard/Android/data/’ which should i do ?

    • hey there
      no matter what i try it still gives this gotta connect to WiFi to load, even when WiFi turned on is sticks to the same screen

      i gotta say, my internal memory isn’t big enough so i put the cache/data file in external sd card but linked it to the new apk i downloaded here(1.1.6) via es file explorer, is that an issue here?

      i really want this game to work, i am on a set top box with ample memory and gpu

      please help

  5. Hi SEBIN,
    i was trying to download This game file, which is 18.3 MB,i face an issue ( file does not exist on this server),
    pleas help:(

  6. work on andromax i?
    Prosesor 1Ghz Snapdragon Dualcore
    GPU Adreno 203
    RAM 512MB
    OS android 4.0 ICS
    Screen: 4-inch LCD WVGA IPS technology, multitouchscreen, 5 finger touch point
    internal 4GB
    MicroUSB port

    (i’m not spamer, i’m downloader :D)

  7. Its not working on my Samsung Note 10.1. It shows the Gameloft logo, then it says Checking Required Files, then it says “The Game has been successfully downloaded. Touch OK and start playing”. When pressed OK, it shows and the a blank screen, and then comes out to the desktop.

    Someone please guide.


  8. After i signed in to the tab with my google account (previously i had not), it went ahead and showed me the Gameloft logo video and then it stops again…

    • If above tip doesn’t work Copy all the files under to
      then go to Developper options and chek Force GPU rendrering.

    • ‘’ is a folder name of data file. You need to download data from here to get ‘’ folder. If you have WiFi available, I recommend you to download data over WiFi.

  9. My tab ain’t rooted its on 4.1.1 and I get incompatible from play store is there any way I can play this game? I keep getting checking required files loop tried everything.

    • “Checking required files error” is due to wrong data file placement. So make sure that you placed data folder in “External sd card/Android/obb/(here)

  10. there isn’t kind of “obb” folder in sdcard what to do know i have samsung galaxy grand ,1.2 Ghz proccesor and 1 GB ram and 8 GB rom

    • Same apk & data files in torrent and zippyshare. Patch is also included in torrent. So there is no need to download patch again. You can extract downloaded zip file from PC using Winrar

  11. this games work on my device andromax-i ???
    my device spech :

    - Snapdragon 1 GHz Dual Core Processor
    - Adreno 203 GPU – Armv7
    - OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    - LCD WVGA

  12. hai sebin, the game works cool. but my gun is invisible while shooting and appears only when pointed towards the sky! and also on zooming, neither the gun nor the cursor appear.. how to resolve this?

  13. The game doesn’t work on my device I have Samsung galaxy tab 2 GTp3100 it comes that modern combat 4 has stopped working please help I really need dis game

    • If you installed any previous version of this game, you should remove the data. If you are not installed previous version of this game, try placing data files (‘’) in sdcard0/Android/Obb or Phone Memory/Android/Obb or SD ext/Android/Obb. Otherwise try steps below:

      1. Install apk
      2. move app to sdcard.
      3. run online @ 1st running.
      4. close the game, or maybe game will force close automatically.
      5. copy cache/obb file to obb folder.
      6. Lauch game.

  14. i completed max payne,modrrn combat 3&4 and asphalt 7 only!! in other games im stucked in the midde,bt i really wanna kno any hints or cheats of dark knight rises,u hav any?? i think i cnt move more if i dnt get any help :D

    • Of course, You need to copy data folder (‘’) to sdcard/Android/obb/(here)and extract patch.105 to Data folder (‘sdcard/Android/obb/’). If you can’t find obb in android folder just create a new folder and rename it to Obb

  15. heyy Sebian. i downloaded all the file and patch and apk data but when i lunched the game blur black screen appears and it tells me that MC4 has stopped.! what should i do..????

    • Thank you very much for commenting.. Most of the users only comment when they get error and do not comment back here after got game working. Again, thank you very much for sharing your result with us. You are a good man.. :)

  16. hi sebin,
    I try to install this game on my galaxy tab 2 but its always turn on wifi for checking required data. After that the game has successfully downloaded touch OK and start playing. I press OK but it always looping. I had to clear data but it still looping…

    • I think you placed data file on wrong path! There is may be you can find “sdcard, sdcard0, sdext in your file system. So try placing in this paths- sdcard/android/obb/(here) or sdcard0/android/obb/ or sdext/android/obb. If still you get the same error, comment here with your device model.

  17. A big thanx bro,
    Actualy i lost my data of this game,
    I downloaded it frm my brothers acc,
    I hv been working 2- 3 days to get this game back
    I died for paying but google dun accepted my debit card..
    Thanx brother… Thq so much!

  18. this has turned out to be crap..!!
    i downloaded the torrent..
    i got a big .obb file
    i followed your instructions and the game closes by itself before reaching the start menu of the game…!
    Do something.!
    i assure you my specs match..!!

  19. help, why its can’t work on my andromax i(adreno 203, ram 512, cpu 1ghz dualcore)
    after loading, its appear a black screen and back to home screen :(

  20. xolo q 800
    android version 4.1.2(jellybean)
    cortex a7 1.2 ghz quad core..
    1 gb ram
    4 gb internal
    power vr 544 mp-GPU
    sorry for the bad language bro..!
    please do look into it ive downloaded over 10 different files to get them to run on my device..!

  21. Hello ! i m about to buy an s2 plus , but that issue with the weapon that disappears from the screen is holding me back . do you know if the issue has been fixed ? Thank you

  22. its still not working on my andromax i(adreno 203, ram 512, 1ghz duacore)
    i can get in to menu game, and i start a campaign, i choose new game, and then loading screen, after loading is complet, its ask to touch the screen to play the game, and i touch the screen, after that a black screen appear and back to home screen, please help, i have download from part 1 to 6, and the apk
    thanks before

  23. dear sebin..

    do i get the high res game like the pic?

    i downloaded this game before in another site but i get low res graphic

    my phone chipset quad-core 1.5ghz snapdragon s4 pro and adreno 320 gpu

    i think it can handle high res

    thank you

  24. hey i tried the torrent one and has a rooted ics tab with ics running and all needed specs but the problem is even the game is compatible with my device it force closes after showing apkmania logo, also tried installing the patch obb and clearing data but same result, keen to play this fps, please help

  25. Not working on nexus 7..i dw the torrent file..placed the data file in obb folder ..started the game..apk icon appears and then it closes..also placed the data file in gameloft folder ..same thing happened..any help?

  26. i tried the proper apk from the zippyshare you gave but now the apkmania logo keeps looping when its offline and when i turn on the connection the game force closes, what to do, no luck for me i think

  27. Man please help me the game is working fine i can play solo but when i try to play online it’s connecting and the game is crashing backing to the home screen :

  28. no did same…its asking for that again n again…i also re-installed the apk n placed the files properly..still showing the same!! :(
    should i try coping the files via ES explorer or root browser also coz i copied connecting to PC??

  29. Sebin, finally it works … i really excited for your data since other sites put their corrupted files at the end of downloaded but not with your link

    My gadget is NEXUS 7, here is my step to do when I use your TORRENT Download:

    1. Install Nexus media importer
    2. Install Utorrent (it is great application as you can pause and resume the download jobs)
    3. Download torrent files (1.91 GB) by Sabin Thomas
    4. In your nexus, build new folder into this address => sdcard/Android/obb (here) then rename to be “”
    5. When your files were completely downloaded, copy it via your Flashdisk (*trust you have USB Dongle) then paste :

    => “” to “” folder
    => [FIXED] APK file to other folder in your nexus

    6. Install [FIXED ]APK
    7. I very suggested to shut down (as refresh alternatively) your device
    8. Turn on your wifi (at first play)
    9. Play the game till drop :)

    I can 99.9999999% guarantee it is successful if you follow above step
    Anyway to Sabin , much appreciate your sharing and time

    Will 100 like your FB page 

    • Of course..Actually most of the errors are due to wrong data file placement. They are not even try to solve problems themselves :( Anyway I like my visitors and happy to answer their questions ;)

  30. my device is galaxy s duos..i dont have enuf internal memory but have enuf space in my memory card…how to copy the data files..if i copy them to extsdcard/android/obb or extsdcard/android/data the game asks me to download the data files…please help me solve this problem :( check d link for the fixed apk too

  31. i have download sd data from part 1-6
    after appear “” its force close
    my device (quad core 1.2 ghz, gpu powervr sg544, JB, RAM 1 GB)
    and the fix apk link is dead, please help :)

  32. I install it and i put the file in sdcard/odd and clear data andturn data off and stil ask me to conecct to wifi or mobile internet i conect to wifi instal then closes says its not responding help please

    • No need to clear data bro.. Just install apk, place data in sdcard/android/obb (you mentioned that sdcard/obb). You need to turn on WiFi for license verification. After verifying license you can play the game offline!. If game stuck in license verification screen, use Patched Googleplay Store. Now restart your phone and reinstall the game.

  33. Hi Sebin, I have the main obb and apk from apkmania should it work fine as your instructions? and where should I put the “”? and I don’t understand about the “sdcard/gameloft/games/GloftMC4HM” things? I try everything from apk mania but its always force close after the game said ‘The game has been downloaded. Press OK and start playing!’ Then comes a circle and force close to my home page. PLEASE help me ive been doing this for 5days of re-install and uninstall :D

  34. dear sebin, please tell me how to patch google play using lucky patcher. I think my problem is Googleplay license verification because it’s always force closing after I launch the game

  35. Will this work on my device?
    4 inch capacitive touchscreen
    4GB storage, 512MB RAM
    Android OS 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    MTK 6577 Chipset
    Dual Core 1 GHz
    PowerVR SGX 531 GPU

  36. Finally I got this working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, wifi only model 16gb. Days sifting through forums and user comments, some say this wont work on my tablet but others say yes. Well I will confirm 100% that this works on the above. A bit of patience and trial and error and it will work.

    • This release doesn’t requires any root acces, you can play this game in non- rooted device. Just Install APK, Copy ‘’ folder to sdcard/Android/obb/(here) and Launch the Game.

  37. Please help me im using a13 mid tablet, when i try to run this game when appear on screen it keeps looping. please help me, i really want to play this game, i put the files on sdcard/Android/obb but its still not working please help me.

  38. Hey Sebin first of all thanks for the game its working cool on my galaxy s2 and even china tab which is 9″ working well..
    i just want to ask you one thing man how im suppose to put data files on external sd card. when i move normaly it wont work..
    and sorry for bad english :)

    • Did you enabled internet on first launch? Also make sure you placed data file in the corret path. Try placing Sdcard/Android/Obb or Sdcardo/Android/Obb or Sdext/Android/Obb.

  39. Its not working on my micromax canvas 4. It shows the Gameloft logo, then it says Checking Required Files, then it says “The Game has been successfully downloaded. Touch OK and start playing”. When pressed OK, it shows and the a blank screen, and then comes out to the desktop

  40. Hey i have nexus 4 and place the data in android/obb but the game keeps reloding and brings me again and agian at carrier at the carrier network screen. i used carrier network to download the data it was asking for and then it said files downloaded successfully but when i press ok button it brings me athe same screen again

  41. hey..
    i had dwnloaded it from torrent… but after installing it, it shows a logo written ” dwnld complete. press ok to play” but after the click.. it shows
    and the game close

    wat should i do…

  42. I Have lava Xtron+ unrooted tablet with 1.6 Dulacore, Mali400MP quad core and 1gb ram.
    1) I download the v1.1.0.obb file from “”
    2) I placed the .obb file as suggested and tested 20 times by placing the .obb in all possible place.
    3) I also download the “Force close fix apk” from this site.
    4) But every time I open the game it start downloading,and shows that “download complete you can play the game” And then i press ok and a loading wheel appear on the black screen with “” and then the MC4 staring image appear without any menu and then it close automatically.

    [NB : When i open MC4 a folder automatically created as “sdcard/andriod/data/” and there are two-files “.nomedia and InsTime”]

    What should i do…..i want to play the game on my tablet.

    [NB : I also download “assassin’s creed” the path location of file is “sdcard/gameloft/games/assassin creed.”]

    So can you suggest what is the exact path for .obb file in my tablet? Please help.

    • Path is same, so now try below instllation instruction:
      1. Install apk
      2. Turn on WiFi or Internet and launch game
      4. Copy ‘’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’
      5. Disconnect internet or WiFi
      6. Now launch game, It probably work.

  43. Excellent post. But it does NOT work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with Rooted Stock Firmware 4.1.2 Jellybean.

    I did the following:

    1)Downloaded the apk and the sd contents.
    2)Placed the sd contents in sdcard0/android/obb
    3)restarted the phone.
    4)Ran 1st time online. It said that press ok.
    6)Downloaded fixed apk.
    7)Didnt work.

    I downloaded Asphalt 8 from here and it worked, but other games like spiderman, mc4, asphalt 7 dont seem to work. Am I missing something here? Some help would be appreciated as I am, unfortunately, an android noob. I dont know how i even managed to root my device.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with Rooted Stock Firmware 4.1.2 Jellybean.
    Quad Core Beast with a Smoking Mali 400 GPU.

    Thanks. Love your site brother!

  44. hi, i’m using HTC one X+. i’ve installed the game apk and tried placing the data files as instructed above but the game always always forces close at the loading screen after the gameloft logo is displayed . i have tried everything but no luck as yet. please help.

  45. Hey man I tried and I tried but it seems not working on my device.. i just get the loading screen then it will suddenly back to the home device is samsung galaxy note 2 N7105..any idea? thanks

  46. again already patched my google play still after it says connect to wifi then it says all downloads are completed then when i pressed will go on loading circle again..then back to home screen..

  47. bro i did all. keep data at android /obb. while running game it checks files and loads. latter it opens animation game loft. latter GAME LOFT MONTERA PRESENTS then coming back to modern combat 4 logo and stops. my mobile is xolo q800 quad core 1.2GHZ 1gb ram. full hd.

  48. Hey, after gameloft logo, the game says : download not succesfully blablabla….
    but I have downloaded and copied ‘’ to sdcard/Android/obb …

    I have Galaxy Note

  49. why i can play it on may asus memo pad me172v
    it autoexit after i touch the start of mission 1

    1.0ghz 1gb ram Mali400mp

  50. hi sebin,

    My android is andromax i. when i open this modern combat 1.1.0 its ok, then i select campaign, and select new game. after loading “touch the screen to continue” and I touch it, then force close. I was try it again many times but its still force close. I have the same problem with gangstar rio after cutscene on new game. Please. thanks.
    Sorry bad English

  51. Finished the game on my micromax canvas hd a116
    downloaded latest apk and the 6 parts
    followed installation instructions
    Worked like a charm!
    may need net connection at first attempt though
    Thanks a lot for the links!!!

  52. Hi Sebin,
    my phone is andromax i. when I start campaign and select new game its force close after loading and press the screen. I was trying it many times with fixed apk & normal apk. I got the same problem with gangstar rio after cutscene in new game. Please, thank you. sorry bad english

  53. I am using Samsung Galaxy S2, SHW-M250K..
    This is the first time i am running MC4 Zero Hour v 1.1.0..
    I have downloaded from this torrent file.>>Modern_Combat_4__Zero_Hour_v1.1.0.8834678.TPB.torrent
    After Completion of download..
    MC4 folder(1.86GB) inside this folder >”GloftM4HM(folder)” and “Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour v1.0.1” file of 10.4MB.
    Inside GloftM4HM folder there is “” file of 1.85GB.

    i copied theGolftM4HM folder to sd/Android/data/(here) at first and installed .apk file and opened off line and but its shows black screen with loading sing(looping) and says ‘’ repeatedly.
    Secondly i create obb folder in Android folder “SD/Android/obb/(Here) same process as above.
    but the problem is same..
    God I Need HELP!!!
    am i doing it wrong or need more media file to be downloaded or something else??
    Plz hlep me..


  54. part 2 link tells ”404 not found unable to connect” please check i downloaded part 1 but part 2 link is dead.i will delete part 1 if you dont update the link.

  55. hi Sebin , i have Xperia Z and i downloaded MC4 v1.1.0 and istalled many apk the older versions and the newest versions , when i open it , it will say downloaded files successfully then press ok but goes to home screen , and i tried extracting it in sdcard0/Android/obb and sdcard1/Android/obb or in sdcard/gameloft alsoo plz help

    • I assume you asked about Celkon A20 compatibility. This is really a high definition android game. So probably it will not work on your android mobile due to 512 MB RAM memory. Anyway you can download and test it if you have more than 350 MB available RAM Memory!!

  56. this isnt working on my fone
    when i run the app it just says all files are downloaded press ok to play and then it closes without any error message
    i got 1ghz dual core processor and igb on board ram
    plz help
    thanx in advance

    • Make sure you have at least 500 MB free RAM before playing this game. You can use apps like Smart RAM Booster Pro to free up your RAM. Also uninstall unwanted applications from your phone. Reboot your tablet before launching MC4 is a good idea to reduce lags in the game. cheer

  57. Hi! I have a problem… when i open the game first a message asks me to decide if i want to use wifi or the opperating network that i have in my phone, so i choose the second option… then a message appears and tell me that the installation was succesful so I choose OK! the a message of appears and 5 seconds later the game closes!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!! I already tried clearing the data and It didn’t worked…

  58. hey Sebin… in my device Sony xperia M not working…… after checking required data and touch and start playing just loading then focce closed…. help me sir

    • Make sure you turned on internet connection. Also your game data files path should be like this- External sd card/ android/ obb/ (1.9 GB File).

  59. dear sebin,

    i am a longtime follower and fan of your work.
    the game works thank you so much

    i have a onda v973 with kitkat and for the love of god i can not find a way to root it.
    that said the game works even without modified google apps.

    do you think you can help me to get root? i tried many different things but nothing works. seems the v975m can be rooted but not the v973 v2.

    thanks for everything and continue your good work!


  60. Hi Brother.. Hwa u
    Its not working on my micromax canvas 4. It shows the Gameloft logo, then it says Checking Required Files, then it says “The Game has been successfully downloaded. Touch OK and start playing”. When pressed OK, it shows and click to disable the message and the a blank screen, and then comes out to the desktop

  61. thanks a lot uploader
    modern combat worked like a charm!!
    only u need to do is simply follow the instructions that given above
    i will give u 2 extra guides:
    i)change your input language if the game crash
    ii)disable background process limit

    thank u uploader forr a wonderfull upload

  62. modern combat 4 zero hour game not working in my moto g2 i want this game to play on my mobile without any problems bcoz i love this game

  63. hi bro pl give me proper step by step instructions how to copy data file to internal sd or external sd card bcoz the game is crashing pl i want to play the game in my moto g2 & game graphics are good & i pasted the data to internal memory/sd card/android /obb & patch to internal memory/sd card/android/data

  64. hey buddy! there is a problem, i m using connectify hotspot for a long time at first it worked properly in my mobile but now i updated my laptop windows to windows 8 now the connectify hotspot is not working on my smartphone(Gionee life S5.5) but it works on other smartphones???? give me a solution…
    and can u please tell me how to do Mac filtering in our laptop mac address table and also in Connectify hotspot….thanxxx

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