Root Android Devices Easily With SuperOneClick App


Root Android Devices Easily

Rooting your device will void its warranty. In addition, performing the rooting procedure incorrectly may have unexpected consequences. Please follow this guide carefully. make sure that you have at least 25MB of the storage space free before doing this. Else this process won’t take place. Those kind of modifications are deep in to your system, and by doing so you partly or totaly invalidate your warranty and they might be a possibility and risk of messing out with phone software, or losing data, and in the worst cases they might be a Brick “unresponsive phone with a corrupted software”, this is a warning, do everything with caution and at your risk.

Rooting Instructions:

  • Step 1- Download and install first your USB Drivers for your phone. 
  1. For Samsung Mobiles Click Here- Samsung Kies Download Link
  2. For HTC Devices (HTC Devices must first unlock their boot in S-Off (Security Off) see on Google) if they have already done it click here: (download HTC Sync)
  3. For LG Users click here: (Click on Downloads, chose your phone model and download LG PC Suite)
  4.  For Sony users Download the PC Companion from here:
  5. For all other brands (ex. Acer, Asus, Motorola ecc.) visit your phone brand website and download the drivers from there. 
  • Step 2- Download the latest SuperOneClick from here: SuperOneClick Root Official Site
  •  Step 3- Go in to your mobile Settings/Applications/Development/ And turn on the USB Debugging. (This option is to allow computer access your mobile system files ecc)
  • Step 4- Ok, get ready now. Close all your open application and concentrate on this, make sure your battery is not too low.
  • Step 5- Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable and wait one minute for the drivers to install.
  •  Final Step 6- Extract the SuperOneClick file, and run the application, wait one minute and click on the ROOT button. Now wait about 6-7 Minutes until the setup completes. 
NOTE: if this rooting method doesn’t work for you, it could be for this reasons: It could be that this Rooting method is not compatible at all with your device, but don’t worry its normal, its because there are so many devices with different hardware and software customization, actually there are so many rooting methods but not all are secure. Don’t just grab any unknown, file or try anything before you read the comments, you see the number of downloads ecc. Usually the most popular methods are the most working. Actually there is one very famous developers website called almost all the custom Roms, Mods, Rooting software are from there. this website very popular, and you can find a lot of things.
What you need to do is this:
  1. Enter the website
  2. Click on the “Find your device” and enter your phone’s model name
  3. Then click on (your phone name) + Android Development
  4. Now you that you are there look at the most popular threads, usually the ones with more views and replies.
  5. Find what you need and most important FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS !! be careful, and download and try only what is compatible with your phone (don’t install the wrong software on the wrong hardware, if you do so, the software you installed will not recognize the components inside the phone and you will be left with an unresponsive phone, called “Brick”) 
  6. If you want to install some custom roms ecc, to be secure install the stable release roms, or the most popular ones, those with many view, replies and positive comments.
  7. Finish, this note i wrote is very important, many people mess out with there devices, because they flash (install) random software, and they did not read much before.

Root Android Devices Video Instructions:

I hope this guide help you to understand something, i wish you all good day, if you have any questions comment below.



    • yep, this app is compatible with almost all android models. But it is a good idea to search for root tool kit for your model. rooting your android is not a big task, It just only overwrites the permission :)

    • The short answer is yes and no. Rooting by itself does not void warranty. But if you root your device by installing a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM Recovery, you will increase your binary counter, which in essence voids your warranty. And also if you end up having a hardware issue then customer service team shouldn’t care that it was rooted. You can also unroot your device. So just root your device, but do not install any custom ROM till your warranty expires.

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