The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.13.2 Android Unlimited Money Hack/ Cheat


The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out-hackDownload hacked paid version of The Simpsons™: Tapped Out android game. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is an city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield etc. You must have an Internet connection to play, so please make sure your device is connected. For more screenshot and features of this game visit The Simpsons game page in Googleplay. No root access required for this hack. In this hacked version, we Unlocked Following paid features in the game:
  1. Free shopping (All Buildings/Characters/Decorations Is Free To Buy)
  2. Each Time You Level Up You Will Receive 500 Donuts. (also if you have max level)
  3. All Old Items Added To Menu
  4. All Old Items Added To Krustyland Menu
  5. Friends Items Added To Menu
  6. Place Anything Anywhere
  7. Everything Is Unlocked No Matter What Your Level
  8. Everything Can Be Placed Multiple Times
  9. Cash And XP Has A Auto Collect
  10. Every Building Has A 3 Second Build Time
  11. Everything Item Is Unlocked From any Level

Watch The simpsons™: tapped out Battle To Springfield Trailer:

What’s New In The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.13.2?
  1. What makes a hero a hero other than meat, bread, and mayo? Wait, WHAT?? Superheroes? Homer isn’t going to be happy about this one.
  2. Heroes and villains are flooding Springfield and the fate of the town is in your hands! You’ve built your town – now it’s time to save it!
  3. Join iconic Simpsons characters as their alter-egos fight against the forces of evil.
  4. With new characters, buildings, decorations, and more, will you be the hero that Springfield needs!?
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out screenshots

Stay tuned as we have more Tapped Out characters, quests and donuts coming soon.

How To Hack This Game?

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.13.2 Mod (Hack) apk Download Link- New Post link

Update:  If you are a fan of games like TSTO, you may like Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Android Hack. The The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.9.5 mod apk is hosted on Mediafire, you can download without waiting and other threats.
What’s In This Mod APK:
  • Now get donuts is easier. Gil Premium Function GIVE 1-3 DONUTS PER CLICK (DON´T WORK AT THE MOMENT)
  • All Old Items
  • Money, also allows you to reduce money.
  • Free Shopping
  • Cash And XP Has A Auto Collect
  • Special content (for example Manhole or WorldLargestToilet
  • Place KrustyLand items to Springfield or vice versa.
  • All Items placeable EVERYWHERE
  • Debris Olmec Cleaner (with chance of Donuts)
How To Install?
  1. Uninstall current version of the game (your data will not be lost as its stored in your origin profile).
  2. Download the Mod apk from above download link
  3. Install The Simpsons Tapped Out Permanent Donuts 4.13.2.  Start the game and full update it.
  4.  Enjoy!
  • This is the latest version of The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.13.2 mod hacked apk. If you have any problems with downloading apk or you encountered any error while playing the game check this post- The Simpsons: Tapped Out Android Mod Game FAQ’s
  • Like us on Faebook and add me to your circles on Google+ to get notified when I publish new best android apps and games. After liking on Facebook hover (place cursor) like button and click on settings and select “All Updates”. The above download link is shortened using adfly, so you need to click SKIP Ad button located on the top right corner after 5 seconds. 
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.9.2 screenshots

Installation Instructions:

  • Make sure you have the “allow non market apps/unknown source” option enabled on your phone.
  • Uninstall your current version of the game (your data will not be lost as its stored in your origin profile).
  • I strongly recommend you to Install 1Tap Cleaner Pro android app and run it to remove all unwanted files of the game. If you are facing any lags while playing you can use Smart RAM Booster Pro apk to boost gaming performance. This app helps you to avoid possible glitches of modded apk.
  • Install The Simpsons Tapped Out Permanent Donuts 4.13.2. v0.  Start the game and full update it. Play little bit.
  • Exit the game and install The Simpsons Tapped Out Permanent Donuts 4.13.2. v1 OR v2. Try to Overwrite the app. If you got ‘existing package by same name is already installed’ error’, just uninstall v0 apk and install v1 or v2.
  • Start the game again. There should be another update now. This may take some time to load and not load at all server error if it dose this keep trying. It took me 2 go’s to get it working
  • Download the update and start playing.
  • Thats it! You made it..

If you didn’t get extra donuts and money: Buy anything to get the donuts & money. For example a tree. Try ichy and scratchy card thing from the kwik-e-mart , you will get 17457875433567 money and donuts. But after spending like a few donuts it goes back to 0 how ever the money stays the same but you can buy something with the money, the doughnuts go back.. and so it repeats.

Previous Hacks:

This game downloads additional content on first launch that can be up to 175MB based on device. We recommend connecting to WIFI/3G the first time you play. This game is also supported with regularly occurring content updates that require additional downloads when released. Please be patient while it loads (we promise it’s worth the wait). Enjoy The Simpsons™: Tapped Out Halloween update.



  1. After I install the second file it will not finish the update it just gives the can not connect to server over and over again.

  2. i get the old items but no donuts. money…nothing why? the clutus farm is curently under doing a job…think thats why?

    • Probably you didn’t remove the previous version completely! Before installing v0 apk, uninstall installed ‘The Simpsons™: Tapped Out’ and navigate to your android/data folder. Make sure that there is no ‘’ folder exists.

    • Did you completed all above steps without getting a single error?? For extra donuts and money, you should go to Cletus Farm and tap the money icon to the right that says $0. If you completed all steps properly, you will get unlimited money..100% sure man.. Just follow the steps carefully..

  3. Yes I Did A Clear Data From Application Settings Then Uninstall. Install ( TSTO_v430_v0 ) And Let It Fully Updated Then Confirmed My Age And Logged Into My Origin Account Let It Begun Then Exit. Then I Completed The Installation Of ( TSTO_v430_v1 New ) With Overwrite Then Let It Update And Start The Game With My Origin Account But oops Nothing Happened.

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Its Worked Thats Amazing Thanks A Lot Bro. Cletus Farm Was Busy Then I Skipped Cletus Working With Some Donuts Then Then I Found The Menu Of Unlimited Money And Donuts Thanks A Lot Again Bro.

  5. This might be a stupid question, but I’ve never downloaded a hack before. If I download a hack, can I uninstall it and go back to the regular game if I wanted to?

  6. I download yesterday and everything was working perfect until today. Now Everytime i open it says it needs to download and then goes to cannot connect to server no matter how many times i try.

  7. Hey Buddys,
    Yesterday it worked perfect and i wanted to say great Job.
    But now it says that i dont saved Simpsons cause i played at a other handy what i not did and it says save before play.

  8. Honestly.. is there another link that I need to click? I tried to pull the game up and it just kept doing the retry thing. I saw you said something about Google play but wasn’t sure about it. I tried redownloading the one link but it just did the retry screen.

  9. So this is a definate not working anymore or do I just have to keep waiting 30 seconds and “retrying” for the servers?

  10. hi sebin, i did every step, but when i install tsto_v430_v1 new apk it cant conect to the server, i did it like hundred times but its still dont work, i already join your Facebook page, im Alberto alban, im gonna leave you my email ([email protected]) to see if you can help me, like i write before, i did all the steps but i cant connect to the server and i retry like hundred times

    • There is no use for Retrying hundred times at a time! If you can’t connect to server, just try after one or two hour. Servers are overloaded usually in evening, so it is a good idea to retry in night or early morning :)

    • Maybe their servers are down yesterday. There servers are getting huge traffic because of new update. They giving priority to Googleplay downloads. So there is no other way than retrying every hour.

  11. The hack is great works great for zte warp sequent only issue is now i need and update hack after 7/31/13 update with krusty land . Hack worked amazing thiugh .

  12. Uninstalled game, added 4.4.0 v0, signed in, game worked, exited, added 4.4.0 v1, and get error on server says need to add v0 update. Then the notes here say to add 4.3 v1.

    Im confused please help, I love your stuff

  13. it now installed, i get to the main page it starts loading then says tap to continue then sits and thinks for maybe 1 min then the whole screen just goes away back to my apps

  14. Weeelll … Actually I done this.

    I installed v0 (4.4.0)

    Then i played 10 sec to make sur the game works.

    Then I turned it off.

    Then I installed v1.

    And… It keeps saying “Impossible do connect to server” Even after 50retries… Wtf

    • Servers are down yesterday.. I added new The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.4.0 v1b apk in the post..follow whole tutorial again.. There’s no need to download v0 apk again. Just overwrite v0 with v1b apk.

  15. Hey man … quick question. . I had the 4.3 and I had to delete that because of the update. And I downloaded the v0 and it works.after I install v1 ir does not even get to the part that has my log in info and it quits and goes back to my main screen . After trying a numerous amout of times. It says. Server error and your message apears to re instal v0. And the same thing happens vO works and I download v1 and the same problem

  16. I did every step but after instaling v1 my game on my samsung galaxy tab gives me a custom ‘couldn’t connect’ screen. No updates downloaded on v1, only on v0… the only think i can do is hit ‘retry’ but after about 15 times still nothing… its about 3.17 in the morning. Can’t imagen that lots of ppl are online. Friendly (begging) for donut help :-)

  17. Hack was working fine for me earlier today, but now I can no longer connect. If I uninstall everything and install from scratch I connect up with no problem.

  18. I unistalled and reinstalled and it’s not working it was before update. Shows Bart saying to install the first one.. I did and over wrote it like before

  19. Excited about this. I followed the directions and now im stuck at a screen with bart that says “If you see this screen and there was a game update. You need to install v0 again and get the updated game files before returning to this version”. It also says “Cannot Connect to Server” hit retry. So I just been hitting retry. Should I go back and install v0 again or just keep trying because the server might be slow? Also, will it need to connect to this particular server every time I play or is it a “once your connected your good forever” kinda thing?

  20. I’ve download both and is working and have signed off my origin account but I didn’t get the three option in Cletus farm

  21. I don’t know why but its stil ‘ll not working with my log in . . . I’d does not say serverr error it just cancels out and snds me to my main screen …. if I log in anonymous or with my wifes log in it works. But not with mine its weird and fustrating because I can use hers but not mine

  22. the hell it works!

    Me and my gf just finished all the steps…
    skipped Cletus actual work, and then the options appear…

    We are realy thankful

    =D =D

  23. Hi Sebin,

    Mine is the same as omars above, it just shuts off before it loads my gaem, but i can use other log ins and such fine..
    I have several devices and the other ones are not hacked and i can still use them fine, I installed the second hack while i was still logged in will this have any affect one it should i try installing on another device and see how that goes?..

  24. I’m trying to install the hack and I had it working for about an hour and a half until the game froze on Springfield Downs, I can’t do anything else except when I tap the screen the income thing pops up for the Downs and still counts down but that’s it. I’ve uninstalled the apk and reinstalled it repeatedly and there’s still no change. I’m using a Sony Xperia ZL, is there anything you can suggest I’ve tried both links.

    • 1) Run v0.
      2) Quit. Remove Tapped Out from my tablet’s recent apps list.
      3) Install VKLFix. (Download KLFix apk)
      4) Game runs okay with this installed, but no hacks.
      5) Quit. Remove Tapped Out from my tablet’s recent apps list.
      6) Install v1b.
      7) Let it update then quit without logging in.
      8) Return to the game

      hope it. works..

  25. I was impressed with the old update. I then follow all the steps and it tells me I have to reinstall the first one again…. So I do that and all it says is a need to update and when I pressed update it took me to the google play store. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

  26. Hello,
    I have a connection error to the server with bart and the big message at the top: $! I try to Version v1b but it does not work as it has for my Still function with other version: $ Thank you for your answer :) (I try once more the step

  27. Everything worked so far. Just when I installed the v1 and started the game there was no new update, it just synchronized. The game now runs as if nothing happened. What did i do wrong?

  28. Hi

    Game works when If start from scratch, but when i use my origon account, the donut stops spinning and it kicks me out of the app

    What am I doing wrong?

  29. It work great work!
    Ive just have a couple of question for you @Sebin Thomas, first one…what is the deal with the ea headquarters? Is it in a future update because once I am done with everything and decided to reinstall the app from the google store it dissappear from my world and inventory…
    Second can you please add me @ afg330
    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work

    • Once you logged in using you account and build your town using this hack, you can login agin in your iphone or after installing future updates from Googleplay Store you get the hack features. You can send a message to our facebook page if you have any further doubts.

  30. Not sure if I understand ur directions. I dwnld v0 then install and not log in? What is removing from recent apps? Do I login on any of these steps? I can install v0 or reg app from google play and use my orgin acct, but when I dwnld v1 or v1b thats when it freezes. I am confused. Why would it freeze for just that one step? If I was banned wouldnt it not work altogether?

  31. Hi Sebin

    It works fine on my other phone with my account
    So not sure why its not working
    Going to try the steps again and see

  32. Hi

    Just followed your steps to the dot, however it keeps on saying ‘Cannot Connect to Server’ and I have clicked retry about 50 times, any idea?

    Thanks very much

  33. I couldn’t get it to work. I kept getting the server error even after many tries to re-install. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

  34. files deleted all worked fine yesterday now can acces game as hacked account.. server problems, any suggestion¿. ty

  35. Hey,
    First the hack worked fine for me but now if i try to start Springfield it starts loading and an error appears: You could not connect to Server. There are instructions at the top telling me there was a new update and i should install v0 to get the updated files and then reinstall v1b. That is not working. ‘:(
    I tried to delete Springfield completely and follow all the steps again but that didn’t worked for me, too. ‘:((

    Please help me! :(

  36. I still cant get it to work. I install the v0 follow step by step, and when installing v1b it says server error, i can play with v0.. im gonna do it till u solve the prolbme of v1b.. ty for the hack.. hope u can fix it soon =)

  37. Dunno why but new one isnt working anymore installed it and reinstalled it a couple of times nad keeps going to the retry screen, same for the older version

  38. For anyone that gets the can’t connect to server page with Bart on v1b since a day or so, there was a small in-game update recently. The v1b can’t connect to server page does say that if there was a game update, you have to reinstall v0 to download the update first, then reinstall v1b.

  39. I have redownloaded v0 got the updated game files. But v1b can never open the file once downloaded. So I download V1 and I get the Bart server screen. Is there an alternate way to download V1b without using that skippy website? It seems to corrupt the file somehow because I cant open it. No problem opening and installing the V1 file though.

    • To All: This hack does no longer work. :( I will create a new post explaining hosting your own hacked server. This should fix all server connection problems.So stay in touch with us

  40. hi. I have trid to download it. but when it come to updating it sated at play store that it not available at my country. please help

  41. this seems really simple, but my phone is giving me hell, and plus i don’t have internet at home at the moment neither. i will try doing this once i get my internet back up and running. i have a samsung galaxy discover, and i’ve tried many times to download all what was needed, but everything seems to go wonky after i install the apps. maybe i will also try once i get a tablet so i don’t screw my phone up more than it is. just wish there was a way to download everything needed in one big package so i don’t have to track and backtrack the sites i was at. i need the donuts and money, but i can wait till i have the proper resources to do so. it all seems simple like i stated, but not having the internet and having a poopy phone doesn’t help matters much.

  42. yes it works, but i have found few problems.. there r 12 missions u cant do as out of date, i cant keep anything i store as it crashes the game, i now have 8 hormers, 3 barts.. no quest can be compleated as they come in order of old to new so as old cant be finished, it just crashes the game & gives me a error message

    • This hack is for The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.4.0. As You know the latest version The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.5.0 is just released yesterday (01-October-13), so it takes some time to hack it. So please wait few more days for new hack. In meantime like our Facebook Page and Add Me To Your Google+ Circles to get notified when new hack releases.

  43. it’s possible to do with v4.5.0 like the old update, have that 3 options on cletus farm?
    it would be great

    thanks for the work guys

  44. I clicked on the links and it sent me to adfly and it didnt download anything. I already downloaded es file manager and ksweb

  45. When I try to install the second apk file it says: did not install, there is already another apk installed with the same signiture (or something like that). What can i do?

  46. after first click on “Get it now?” in “Personal Prizes window” i get this error “Ultrahouse 2: Get more donuts. Mmm… dounuts.” but number of money and donuts change to 17457875433567 but after restart game it back to orginal ? ? ?

    please help

  47. Just downloaded both files, but when i try to install The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.5.0 Mod (Hack) apk Download Link it says application was not installed because there is alr one with the same name but diff signature…what should i do? uninstall the googleplay and install the 2nd application?

  48. When i try to install the second part it says that it cant install it because I already have the same package and there’s a signature that’s in conflict…what to do?

  49. With Bluestacks, when I try to install the second fils (the Hack) it says : INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES
    Any help?

  50. Love the hack thanks so much, How is the updated for the 2013 Halloween coming? I ask because i now am stuck waiting on an update i can not get im my country in the version I have (4.5). 4.5 worked fine until the morning of the 4th and then update i cant get…

  51. Thanks! This works! I was skeptical reading it but it worked on the first go!

    I don’t want to be a nagging Nancy, but could you make it farm donuts at Cletus’s, so that the donuts don’t reset? This way they could be found on other devices on which the game is installed… I use bluestacks to cheat, but IOs to play, and only the money can be found on the IOs, not the donuts…

    Still, I greatly appreciate all you’ve done!!

    • Hello, I dont know if you’ve tried this but if you plant any crop in Cletus’ farm and then rush it, you’ll see the donuts regenerate again! Hope that works for you :)

  52. With this hack i was able to buy whatever i wanted with doughnuts or cash but now im stuck with over a billion in cash.I dont really want that much cash in my account for fear of being banned.I installed the regular version and tryed buying and selling the worlds largest cubic zurcronium but eventually i got to the point where i was scared to keep doing it because my next bouns level is now over 3 million and the highest ive read about online was 2727028.what can i do to fix this so i dont have a chance of getting banned.

  53. so work perfect, but i start a new profile because was imposible to play my old profile maybe because i have a lot of old stuff with the option of old item from the taped out cletus farm hack!!??

  54. So, I just want to get something straight, my phone is not jailbroken, will this work on it? and second, if it does work, can I still update all the time ? update to the game server that is, so I can still play the events?

  55. Working so perfectly with 4.5 on Samsung Galaxy. No fuss, just donuts! Is there hack for iOS as well? Thank you!!

  56. money side perfect and you keep it , donuts hmmm wish you could save them as well .
    but the hack works its worth a try .

    good work

  57. Works fine for me..

    1) Install Googleplay version from play store.
    2) Login to Origin
    3) Play a a few seconds.
    4) Uninstall
    5) Download link 2 from the first post
    6) Run and download 180+ mb of data.
    7) Login.
    8) Buy anything (a tree for example)
    9) Money and Donuts should change to a high value
    10) Enjoy

    11) If donuts stop working just buy anything with money (a tree for example) and donuts should start working

  58. The hacked APK works fine, except for the donuts disappearing after exiting your Springfield. Super easy fix for it though. Just buy and place any item, even a shrub or a tree or something, and the donuts come right back!

  59. Works like a charm! Tip for others: Every time you grow weeds on cletus’ farm, you get the money and donuts. However, they go away when you enter Krustyland. Have still not found a way to get them there.

  60. Update, I had finished all my buildings in Krustyland.. So i did not try to build anything there; I did and i got the donuts.. Thanks for the mod!

    • Kindly look for “The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.5.0 Mod (Hack) apk Download Link”. The download link is shortened using adfly. So you need click on “Skip Ad” on the top right corner of the page after clicking download link from here. Also the “Download Now” buttons before and after the posts are just advertisement.

  61. Are there any bugs when using this update? Someone posted above having issues with missions and extra characters and nothing saving to his account. Anyone else having that problem (or any others)?

  62. I have used the working hacked app for a while and now when I enter it says new update and then it says that update isn’t available in my country. So I downloaded the real version and it lets me enter no probs. Please fix!

  63. By the way your awesome for the 4.5.0 hack. It worked great. But a new update just came out 4.5.1. I know it was just released but I was wondering what do I do because its not letting me play. it tells me I need to update the game to continue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  64. works great buy right now when i run it i get a message to update. that takes me to play store, and that says its not for my country. im assuming they updated the app and you just need to update yours.

  65. Has anyone had issues with lag after the Halloween update? I have unistalled and reinstalled. Restarted and restored my phone. I have plenty of space and memory. It works fine for my husband.

  66. Oh Thanks for the release so quick I just have a quick question on Krusty land in the game the money turns into tickets and I get put back to 0 on the dounts time I try to buy something there it kicks me off any solution to fix this or to get free tickets and dounts the in Krusty land thanks in advance.

  67. This is awesome.. works amazing only i hae 2 comments..
    1. You will have to plant the useless crop each time u go out and in your springfeild
    2. I cannot release any grimlens at my friends towns it freezes eachtime i try :))) other than this is soooo awesome.. i may have another question.. are those allnstuff i purchased viewable by my frinds? And what if i played the game from another device that has the orginal play store app will i see all those?

  68. the update works great except for when trying to use grimlians in friends Springfields it closes out of game but thank you

  69. i know hacks arnt always easy, i also know the importance of bug reports. 4.5.1: any time tickets are spent in krustyland the game freezes. also in general the game freezes some times, i have found no trigger for this.

  70. worked for me, but then all of a sudden all my donuts were gone? I still have my money though, will the donuts come back on their own or do I need to reinstall it

  71. Hi…..many thanks for the latest hack bro…..only one problem, wen u buy any in krustyland…the game freezes and the throws you out completely. Reading the above comments it would seem bits not just me. One of the first tasks is to buy the ring cross stall but wen you buy it and try to place…it freezes. Any fix would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

  72. Hack works great but no use in Krustyland. When I try to add something in Krustyland the app force closes. Am I missing something?

    • Yes, there is. Spend it all. LOL Seriously, that’s the only way. Don’t use the hack if you don’t want all the money and would rather grind it out taking forever to build stuff up.

  73. All I can do is the Itchy and Scratchy scratch off trick and the doughnuts don’t stick. Does the Leviticus farm trick no longer work?

  74. Hello. Nice hack, thanks. When I go to Krustyland the money and donuts aren’t there, and the game crashes when I try to buy something. Ideas??

  75. Mate, ur awesome! I followed your instructions and everything is working like you sayd! Thanks for the download! Really appreciate it! :D

  76. Sorry to trouble asking you but do you mind putting an video about how you install this 4.5.1 hack even you said in the last video you made is your last? Because I’m seriously having trouble doing all this stuff. They said there is three files to download right? Then I downloaded but I can’t extract! They something about this ”Parse error,there is a problem parsing the package.” Please help? If you can’t make the video about this,I won’t mind,as long as I’m doing this for this Halloween Event.

  77. The 4.5.1 hack is throwing an error: “INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES”. Also shouldn’t there be an official 4.5.1 apk as well? I get told an update is required before I can run the non-hacked version.

  78. Everytime I try to do something in krustyland the game crashes, because donuts don’t get carried over. Is it possible to have the hack we’re we can just grow donuts from cletus’ farm? that way we can carry over donuts to krusty land and a tickets hack 2?

  79. thanks for the hack it works sooo aamazing. the only thing is donuts disapear if ı turn off the game or go to krustyland. it just becomes 0. is there anythning ı can do about it?

  80. hello .. thanks downloaded the mod apk and got a zillion money/donuts from the scratch ticket, bought lotsa stuff, but now all my donuts are gone, even the few i had. now do i have to wait 8 hrs to buy another ticket and get the donuts .. why does the farm technique does not work .. thanks anyways .. i could buy all those premium characters which i could only dream about :-)

  81. Hi, Downloaded 4.5.1.
    It is working. touching ichy lottery. Checked balance money and dount. Then synchronization. Then rechecked. Money is ok, but dount didn’t change.

    Could you please check ?

  82. 4.5.1 works great thanks, the only thing is that when i go to krustyland i can’t get any donuts and if i try to use the tickets i have it freeze. does anyone no what i need to do. i didn’t install 4.5.0 googleplay version as i already have an origin ID

  83. Thank you for this, it makes the game so fun. However my krusy land crashes when you buy anything Are you going to be creating a fix ;)

  84. Once I downloaded and tried to install the game, it told me I couldn’t continue without and update, but the update isn’t available in my country (USA).. what gives?

  85. The hack worked great. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!! Now I’ve reached Krustyland and cleaned it up but every time I go to build the entrance it freezes. Anyone else experience this?

  86. when i open the mod pak version, it says Update Available! Want! Want! Want! This update is required to continue and when i press continue, it brings me to Google Play Store and says This item isn’t available in your country. What should i do?

  87. yeah got a problem with the hacked version.. got all the money and the donughts but.. when going to krustyland and trying to build something there the game crashes and kickes me out of the game. went in with the original game and it let me build in krustyland just fine.. is anybody else expiriencing this ?

  88. Every time I try to download the hack it says I have to complete a survey. I’ve completed 30 different surveys on many different sites. Still no hack to download.
    Is there a site where I can just download with no survey!?

    • Survey?? I’ll never put any survey on my download links :-b . Please read the post, you will get download link names- ‘The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.5.1 Mod (Hack) apk Download Link’. Just click on that and wait for 5 seconds. You can see ‘Skip Ad’ button on top right corner. After clicking skip ad you will redirect to download page.

      FYI: If you find any download links with a survey, it should be scam. So always download from this site. I’ll never put a survey in download links :-d

  89. Dear Sebin

    im witing from Turkey ….im very happy to say that this is the only hack app which is worked properly at once that i ever tried. very much thank you for your help.

  90. Hi, the hack works great in Springfield. I can get to Krustyland and do the normal stuff but I do not get unlimited doughnuts or tickets. Is there a way to get unlimited doughnuts and tickets in Krustyland? Again, the game does not crash or anything weird, its just that the unlimited features of Springfield and the Squidport do not transfer to Krustyland. Thanks!

  91. are you guys able to keep your donuts now after using the hack? im afraid to do this and lose the donuts I have once i exit out the game.

  92. The hack 4.5.1 worked perfect, but yesterday i had an more Halloween and the hack/game keep asking for an update.. it does not work anymore :-( I still have a lot of money but no more free donuts. When is the new update coming? Greetings from Holland

  93. after following everything and trying to update it says the file packager did not get proper firmware ininstall the app and try again

  94. Thanks for the 4.5.1. Halloween hack will there be a follow up now the halloween one requires an update ? Thanks again

  95. Ripped me off!!! Followed the instructions exactly. Installed the Google Play version, let it update, then uninstalled, and ran installation for hack, and it updated. First, Cletus Farm did not have those extra options, but if I bought something, it did reflect me with 203mil donuts; however, once I went back to my regular device, however many donuts I spend on the modded version had been deducted from my account, so it was very pointless to even use a mod version if it takes away your real donuts still!!!! Lucky I had enough to cover it. If I didn’t, then I would be in the negative and banned by EA.

    Do not use!! Takes your actual donuts no matter how many it shows you have!!

  96. Sebin Thomas! You are the best,, thanks for the upload and above all the support you are giving over here.. THIS REALLY WORKS SO EVERYBODY!!!!!!! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSE

    This is not the crap you find on youtube with the surveys and the password encoded rar files..!

    + 20000000

  97. how do I get mod apk onto my phone. I’ve downloaded it to computer, but don’t know how to get to phone and what to do next. Please help.

  98. the hack worked good but it shows no donuts now but bbuying things don’t wwork is there anything else I can do to get unlimited donuts

  99. When I open the second link, it wants me to download mobogenie and thats it. But where should the hacked out Simpsons version be?
    Thanks for answering ;)

  100. Hi. The first link is telling me that it is not available in my country (U.S.A.)That is the same thought was saying since the update. Am I finished with free donuts? Sad face

    • Make sure you download the mod apk by clicking on this anchor text- ‘The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.6.0 Mod (Hack) apk Download Link’. Also download link is shortened using adfly, so you need to click SKIP Ad button located on the top right corner after 5 seconds.

  101. I have previously downloaded this before the update yet now it tells me that it is not supported on my device. Am I doing something wrong?

  102. WOW! Jeez you’re good. I hadn’t even seen there was an update and you already hacked it.
    Nice work! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  103. Hi, I’ve used this before no issues, had to try and update it and comes up saying it can’t open the file. Any ideas?

  104. Hi Sebin

    Your hack works fine, thank you for that. But can you please work on a hack where the generated donuts will be saved in the origin account, so I can use different devices without installing the hack on every device?


    shows me all the time even after i re-download the file. tried to re-instal whole game and even bluestacks… could you help?

    • Completely uninstall the Simpsons tapped out first and then install again. This error occurs when you try to install an app via ADB and there is already another version of the same app which was installed from a different development machine.

  106. Is there anyway to retrieve the old contents from the special events categories, such as the characters from the “Treehouse of Horror XXIII”?

  107. hey thanks for the hack, it works fine. but today, when i launched the game, the button, next to the one with bart and milhouse on it, disappeared and i cant see the prizes for christmas cards anymore… now i can’t buy the cards with donuts anymore.
    installed the original simpsons GP version -> same problem.
    Did EA ban this function for me because of the hack? does anyone else have this problem?

  108. Hi Sebin. First and foremost, thanks for always posting the new hacks! I am having a problem with this newest hack. When I download the hack apk, it says “Cant Open File” on my phone. I have downloaded many of the other hacks you have posted and i havent had any issues. This one just doesnt want to work! I have downloaded it . Few different times to try it, but its the same problem. i know i am downloading the correct file. Can you repost it please? Or tell me how to fix it? Thank you

  109. What if i want to go back to original playstore version of tapped out
    will all my stuff be there e.g. the stuff i bought?

    • You can lower your money only by going back to the original app or coolhomer’s and spending them! Best way to do that is to keep buying and selling the World’s Largest Zirconia. :-d

    • Well I went to original version but still the money amount remains huge. The game became useless now.. Can You change the hack and set the money to 0. You can buy money using fake donuts so the game will be still interesting…

  110. Hey i installed the hacked version of 4.6.0, followed the instructions, uninstalled the old and so on.. But it’s just the normal version of the game, I can’t access anything for free or get any donuts at all, hope this can be sorted thanks :)

  111. Surprised this actually worked. Decided to try this since I could finally be rid of playing the game. It’s one of those things where even if you aren’t buying the donuts, just wanting to nab the bonus cash/experience/tokens/scratch-offs made me want to keep playing. Decided to give it a shot despite my better judgement (I looked around a bit and saw many sites ranked poorly on WOT, blocked by my antivirus, and just a general sense of looking fake). I didn’t have any link to the store in terms of credit or sensitive data, so I gave it a shot. Had to just uninstall the current version and let the downloaded one update again. Bought a great deal of items and never saw the cash or donuts go down from 10 million or something. Decided to uninstall it and see if it carries over to the legitimate version in the Play Store, I read above that it let you keep everything and just wiped the currency or something. I will update with if it let me keep the stuff bought.

    Edit: Looks like it saved the items I bought, and just wiped the donuts. I still have all the cash currently. Pretty neat.

  112. It works great. Is it now possible to uninstall and install it from the Google playstore and spend the money i get from the hack? Or get i then banned because ea sees that i have to much money for legal game.

  113. I was wondering if someone knows why my phone keeps saying “cannot upon file” I have the latest androzip download, yet nothing happens (except for the cannot upon file message)
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 phone. I really hope someone can help me

    Thanks in advance :)

    • You can lower your money only by going back to the original app or coolhomer’s and spending them! Best way to do that is to keep buying and selling the World’s Largest Zirconia.

  114. I got a silly question… If I’ve installed this it means that I can’t play on a regular google play downloaded version of the game??? I’ll always have to play with my account on this hack version??? And how can I get old premium stuff and limited time characters??? Please answer me!!!! Thanks for your help!!! Thank you

  115. the cletus farm doesnt work but whenever you buy something you get all the money and donuts but i cant keep the donuts and transfer them to my ipad using my origin account help?

  116. Hi I followed the steps carefully and after the modded game updated it loaded the game up fine, I went to Cleatus’ farm and there was no different, I thought maybe I haven’t removed the old version properly but other than pressing uninstall under the apps menu I don’t know what else to do, using a samsung

  117. Do I need to uninstall the original version of the game first ? Because when I wanted to install the hack it said there was already a Simpsons tapped out installed with a different signature or something ?

  118. I use ios and android version of this game. When I put donuts with your app in Android, can I access by ios (ipad) and use them?

  119. Hey Sebin is there any way to undo this hack? A “friend” asked me to log in on his android phone and I reluctantly agreed. He gave me unlimited money and donuts. I was happy at first, but found myself not playing anymore because what’s the point? I have more money than I ever need so I don’t ned to tap anything. I contacted EA and they said it’s not on their end because their servers are reading that I only have 3000 dollars and my account is reading over 2 billion. Please help! Thank you

    • Don’t inform EA about this mod, You can lower your money only by going back to the original app or coolhomer’s and spending them! Best way to do that is to keep buying and selling the World’s Largest Zirconia.

  120. Get rid of your mirror link, its too small a file to be a game hack and is not a .apk file and includes a known risk according to my internet secuirty…

  121. So basically after clicking absolutely everything all I got was a shed load of ‘junk apks’

    Does this mean we have to pay for this apk now??

  122. It worked for me until the next day when it said an update is required and then it told me it was unavailable in my country?? What the hell??

  123. Please post the new update with the guinea pigs and the new level up with apus apartment and sanjay. Thx. Been waiting a while to see a new one now.

  124. I concur with anon, it would amazing if you could release a modded APK for Family Guy: TQFS. Everywhere I’ve looked it’s those dumb “questionairre” hack that are fake. Also, could it be possible for a Knights and Dragons hack? -.- I love your mods and hacks, you really know your target audience, keep up the good work :D

  125. Hey again, just downloaded the FG beta and I can’t play it, it’s telling me to.upgrade to the full release

  126. Is this no longer working since yesterday’s Level 40 update (Ms. Hoover and Mr. Largo)? My friend just installed it today and updated, but it did not work for him. I tried it on Tuesday 2 days ago and it was fine (a couple of day after EA added Cat Lady), so I thought it would be fine with the Mrs. Hoover update. I would try it again, but that was on my sister’s phone (since she has android) and she already uninstalled it.

  127. Thanks for the apk. Why can’t I visit other Springfields or visit Krustyland? When I click on them it just force closes the game.

  128. When I download the mod and tried to install it, it gives me an error that there is a package with same name…
    What to do?

  129. Hi! Thanks for this amazing thing! Just one problem: money works just fine but I only had lots of donuts for a very short time and now they don´t go back up no matter what I do. I bought lots of things and did the kwik-e mart card thingi but still… only the 5 donuts I had before. :-( Any ideas?

  130. Its so good I can get evry thing what I wont but I need to update I click update and it doesnt update it just says open or delete the app I got the easter update in 20

  131. So good and it I get anything I want. I went to play the game I got the hack version and it says I need to update and I click update and it wont update is says open or delete I got the easter updated In 2014

  132. so good i can buy anything i want theres on problem i clicked simsons tapped out it was loading it says it needs a update i clicked update it went on the google play it says open or uninstall no update i got the easter update 2014

  133. Exit the game and then uninstall Googleplay Version. If you try to Overwrite the app you will get ‘existing package by same name is already installed’.

    I dont understand this step. I kust deinstall my googl Playstore?

  134. For some reason after uninstalling 4.8.1 and installing the 4.8.2 now when my game loads up I get a pop up for winning my next FP prize and when I go to click ok it freezes and boots me out. Ive tried logging into another account to test it out but it does the same thing and just gives the next FP prize. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no go.

  135. I updated to 4.8.2 but every time I try to build the jewelry shop to get Dr. Hibbert’s wife, the game freezes and kicks me out. I already uninstalled the previous version before downloading and installing this one and the Google Play version is not on my device. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  136. After I download APK file it says file can not be opened. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  137. HI. have a question , when I click on 4.8.1 goggle play link, I get a pop up window asking if I want to use internet or play store? which should I use?

  138. HI Sebin. When I try downloading hack, it says “this item isn’t available in your country” I live in the US. what can I do??

  139. Hello, I have this error message when I install the apk “Un package portant le même nom accompagné d’une signature différente est déjà installé.” (french) Can you help ?

  140. Hi
    Had the hack for a few days and was working fine until yesterday. i opened it and everything was fine and it came up with that “there is a new update want ! want! want!” then the only option i have is to click update which takes me to the Google play store and there is no update? now i am no able to log in unless i download the Google play version. whats happened is there anywhere to fix it because having doughnut has made life so much easier.


  141. Everything worked wonderfully then after about 5 hrs the donuts would no longer come back after buying an item. I still have the money though! Did I do something wrong?

  142. I used the hack apk for unlocking everything in the game and after that I unstalled it and installed the orginal from the app store, when I booted up my game I had 1661842774 money? I had before the hack 1.8 mil , is this new money amount bad ? because a ban is the last thing I want xD

  143. Thank you for this. Keep up the good work.

    Clash of Clans is the other thorn on my side.

    Thank you once again.

  144. Hi, I install and worked! Thanks a lot! But I want to know how work the auto collect and if there is a way more faster to clean up the lands?

  145. The July 7th one WAS working. Now the game doesn’t load anymore. I was playing it for several days this week with the hack. Just now out of the blue it stopped playing all together. It keeps crashing. It won’t even get to the origin login screen. HELP

  146. Hi,
    There was a mini update that automatically installed when I logged on today. The update removed the all of the shopping options. No longer can you get donuts from Homer Buddha in the same manner. Had I known that this would happen I would have stocked up on donuts. Will there be a new modded apk update or is there something I can do to remove or revert back to before the mini-update.
    Thank you for all of your hard work! You have really kept up well. Your mods are enabling me to be more creative and have items I would never be able to afford. I have been playing TSTO for the last 2 years so I have put in the time and effort. I have used your mods for the past few months and because of that my Springfield is much better
    Thank you!

  147. Why doesn’t the July prizes work. It says on mine they are locked until July 4th. I was able to get everything else. Thank you

  148. Does it work with my origin account?
    I made progress on that account and would love to continue on that story line with the hack.

  149. THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH. its cool because once you’ve done it on your androids device and used the budda to get heaps of donuts you can use them on any device! im on my ipad now :3

  150. i have dl the files but nothing has changed. theres nothing saying i needed to update it just takes me straight to a new game

  151. thanks for the nice hack…. it works perfectly…. regarding the recent update that emerged….. when i am redirected to the play store to update the play store says it isnt available in my country (USA)… when i manually search for tapped out in the play store it comes up as available for installation. My question is: Would downloading this update from the playstore affect my hacked version or is it safe for dl. Thanx in advance for the help

  152. Awesome Simpson Tapped Out Hack!!!! Love the work, the version v4.10.2 is out of date can you guysbplease update the hack please that would be great!!!! Keep up the awesome work!! Update to v4.10.3

  153. I’ve uninstalled, deleted the mod, redownloaded, reinstalled and the game is still force closing after tapping to continue portion. It will load for a bit then stop and then closes.

    Installed tab 3 and Galaxy S5.

  154. Downloaded this hack, was working great at first. Now I’m getting a server connection issue. I re downloaded the Google play original app and it worked fine there. I’ve waited for over a day for the server to let me in, but still doesn’t. What am I doing wrong?

    • I’m having the same problem. The game either tells me it was unable to connect to the servers or it crashes. It’s been happening for two or three days now after working fine for about a week.

  155. Hey thank you for the great mod! They’ve patched the latest one out though and it no longer is working what so ever. (The game will load but none of the features work)

  156. Anyone go any news if this work on the new Halloween update? Or maybe when the next hack update would be released?

  157. Since latest in game update (allowing level to 46) it won’t connect to server. (Bart pulling out cable). Have tried at various times of day to ensure its not just busy servers. but have also had legitimate install on other device connecting without fail.

  158. hello, thanks for this hack! it is really great, but how do we have the donuts each level?
    everytime i level up, they just give me choice with one, two or three donuts (normal ) but i dont have the 500 donuts…

    does it work for other people?

  159. Hey there, just letting you know the hack doesnt work just gives cant connect to server please try retry and then all you can do it keep pressing retry but never get you in :(

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